The Synagogues of New York City

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Former Synagogue List


The following list is composed of synagogues once located in the Bronx. A similar list exists for the synagogues of Brooklyn (Kings County) and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Most all of them are no longer active; either the building in which the congregants once worshipped and held meetings is no longer extant or has been converted into some other use. Many of those listed under "Synagogue Name" are actually landsmanshaft (mutual aid) societies.

As shown, the list provides the street address of the building in which they met, the town or country that the organization was once associated with, and of course, the name of the synagogue (or society) itself. The names of towns listed is incomplete, and perhaps some of the entries are incorrect. A worthy effort has been made to ensure its accuracy. Surely anyone who can fill in some of the blanks, so to speak, and is certain they know the name of the town and country (according to today's boundaries) that are associated with a particular "synagogue name" not previously identified, may contact the Museum of Family History at .

One can also see by scanning the list below that many locations housed more than one group of worshippers. One can also surmise that, in a number of these instances, groups that worshipped at the same location also bought burial plots together. This is obviously the case in some instances, but not in all. The Museum hopes this list is useful to many of you.

No.   Street Name   Town Association   Synagogue Name
1800   Andrews Avenue       Shield of David Institute
2294   Arthur Avenue       B'nai Israel Anshei Fordham
2910   Barnes Avenue       Jewish Center of Williamsbridge
335   Beekman Avenue       Shomrei Shabbos B'nai Israel
1258   Boston Road       Beth Haknesseth d'Chevrah Tiphereth Israel
2160   Bolton Street       Rabbi Philip Chodosh Shul
1344   Bristow Street   Belchatow, Poland   Chevrah Bikur Cholim Anshei Belchtow
1408   Bryant Avenue       Khal Adath Jeshurun
1982   Bryant Avenue       Kaliser Podolier Congregation
55   West Burnside Avenue       Young Israel of Burnside
70   West Burnside Avenue       Chevrah Mishnayes Anshei Emeth
808   Cauldwell Avenue       Machzikei Harav
2080   Clinton Avenue       Young Israel of Tremont
1276   Commonwealth Avenue       Hebrew Center of East Bronx
2011   Creston Avenue       Knesseth Israel
1600   Crotona Park East       Kehilath Israel
2034   Davidson Avenue       Chevrah Mishnayes Anshei Emeth
667   Dawson Street       Torat Moses Talmud Torah
3512   DeKalb Avenue       Nathan Strauss Jewish Center
124   Eames Place       Kingsbridge Heights Jewish Center
511   East 136th Street       Chevrah Shomrim La'Boker
522   East 137th Street       Chevrah B'nai Israel Anshei Sphard
499   East 139th Street       B'nai Zion
511   East 139th Street       Chevra B'nai Eliezer Moshe
  East 145th Street, n. Willis Ave.       Brith Scholem (1915-6)
463   East 145th Street       Temple Hand in Hand (1910-11: Isidor Reichert, Rabbi; M. L. Stern, Sexton)
463   East 145th Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Adath Jeshurun of the Bronx (1920-1)
534   East 146th Street       (Talmud Torah) Beth Abraham of the Bronx (1920-1: A. Gallant, Rabbi)
792   East 156th Street       Tomhei Torah d'Bronx
  East 156th Street, c. Westchester Ave.        
767   East 163rd Street       Rabbi S. Chipkewitz Shul
85   East 165th Street       Adath Jeshurun
936   East 165th Street       Tikvath Zion
  East 166th Street, c. Morris Avenue       Judah Halevi
456   East 166th Street       Talmud Torah Sons of Israel
481   East 167th Street   Galicia   Chevrah Zionei Galicia Anshei Sphard
937   East 167th Street       Beth Hamedrash Hachodosh   
49   East 169th Street       Congregation Nusach Sphard
116 (122)   East 169th Street       Sephardic Jewish Center
128   East 169th Street       Tifereth Beth Jacob
551   East 169th Street       Temple Adath Israel (1915-6: Mayer Kopfstein, Rabbi)
911 1/2   East 169th Street       Beth Hamedrash Hachodosh
918   East 169th Street       Rabbi Moshe Bick Shul
878   East 170th Street       Heare Tefilah
7   East 171st Street       Lecheth Yosher
459   East 171st Street       Beth Hamedrash Chasidei Anshei Bronx
450   East 172nd Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol Nusach Sphard
457   East 172nd Street       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol
484   East 173rd Street       Tremont Hebrew Free School
511   East 174th Street       Agudath Tifereth Israel
1003   East 174th Street       Ahavath Sholom    
1014   East 174th Street       Biccur Cholim
777   East 178th Street       Sons of Israel of the Bronx
819   East 178th Street       Bronx Jewish Center
63   East 181st Street       Bronx Jewish Center
1014   East 181st Street       Tifereth Moshe
1677   Eastburn Avenue       Machzikei Torah
1744   Eastburn Avenue       Sharay Tefilah
1148   Elder Avenue       Beth Aaron Center
1310   Elder Avenue       Emanuel Synagogue
1330   Elder Avenue       Degel Machane Gan
890   Elsmere Place       Yigdal David
812   Faile Street, c, Lafayette Avenue       Temple Beth Elohim (1920-1: David Klein, Rabbi)
823   Faile Street       Hunts Point Bikur Cholim
1011   Faile Street       Kneseth Israel B'nai Smolier
1042   Faile Street       Khal Chassidim of the Bronx
825-7   Forest Avenue       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol (1924-5)
832   Fox Street       Beth David
832   Fox Street       B'nai David Agudas Achim
996   Fox Street       Minsker Congregation of the Bronx
1045   Fox Street       Anshei Sampolya B'nai Abraham
891   Freeman Street       Agudath Achim
1511   Fulton Avenue       Young Men's Hebrew Association
1719   Fulton Avenue       Congregation Zion Nusach Sphard
1712   Garfield Street       (B'nai Jacob) First Van Nest Hebrew Congregation (1920-1)
1019   Garrison Avenue       Hunts Point Talmud Torah (1920-1)
844   Gerard Avenue       Knesseth Israel
876   Gerard Avenue       Hope of Israel
2165   Gerard Avenue       Adath Jeshurun
2019   Grand Avenue       Burnside Jewish Center
1040   Grand Concourse       Young Israel of the Concourse
1283   Grand Concourse       Temple Adath Israel
1925   Grand Concourse       Temple Zion
2011   Grand Concourse       Sinai Congregation
2064   Grand Concourse       Tremont Temple Gates of Mercy
2323   Grand Concourse       Concourse Centre of Israel
374   East Gun Hill Road       Gun Hill Jewish Center
161   Harrison Avenue       Ahavath Achim
762-4   Hewitt Place       Montefiore Cong: 1910-11; Charles Friedenberg, Pres. 1910-1; Alex. Basel, Rabbi, 1910-21; Aaron Aaron, Sexton (1915-6)                                   
1173   Hoe Avenue       Temple Israel of the Bronx
1275   Hoe Avenue       Beth Israel
1532   Hoe Avenue       Anshei Kehillah Moshe
  Home Street, c. Hoe Avenue       Congregation Khal Adath Jeshurin (1915-6: S. Greenspan, Rabbi)
3044   Hull Avenue       Mosholu Jewish Center
1024   Intervale Avenue       Intervale Jewish Center
1024   Intervale Avenue   Minsk, Belarus   Bais Hakneses Anshei Minsk d'Bronx
1162   Jackson Avenue       Congregation Kehilath Israel (1915-6: Elias I. Solomon, Rabbi; 1920-1: L. Finkelstein, Rabbi)
890   Jennings Street   Lyskovo, Belarus   Ein Jacob Anshei Liskova
1480   Jesup Avenue       Kahal Chassidim
1078   Kelly Street       Netsach Israel
3215   Kossuth Avenue       Temple Judea
1510   Leland Avenue       Beth Jacob
1151   Longfellow Avenue       Ohel Moishe Benai Joseph
1425   Longfellow Avenue       Beth Joseph  
1538   Longfellow Avenue       Rabbi Judah Steinhorn Shul
1819   Loring Place       Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Zion
1819   Loring Place       Beth Judah Center
1535   Macombs Road       Rabbi Judah Damashek Shul
858   Macy Place       Talmud Torah Toras Moshe
1165   Manor Avenue       Knesseth Israel
1422   Minford Place       Ein Jacob  
1060   Morris Avenue       Shearith Israel
1069   Morris Avenue       Congregation Judah Halevi (1920-1: Tobias Kohn, Rabbi)
1358   Morris Avenue       Sephardic Share Rahamim
1660   Morris Avenue       Mount Eden Jewish Center
2757   Morris Avenue       Beth Shraga Institute
  Morris Avenue & 169th Street       Anschei Zedek
  Morris Avenue & 170th Street       Talmud Torah Sons of Israel
170   East Mount Eden Parkway       Ahavath Torah
1178   Nelson Avenue       Jewish Center of Highbridge
1709   Nelson Avenue       Beth Halevy of the West Side
3866   Park Avenue   Bukowina/Galicia   Beth Israel Anshei Galicia & Bukowina
3884   Park Avenue   Bukowina/Galicia   Beth Israel of Galicia & Bukowina (1920-1)
1524   Parker Street       Ahavath Achim
1440 & 1486   Plimpton Avenue       Beth Hamedrash Hagadol of University Heights
635   Prospect Avenue       Bikur Cholim Linas Hazedek
1038   Prospect Avenue       Tifereth Israel (1920-1: B. Kallenberg, Rabbi)
1049   Prospect Avenue       Netsach Israel B'nai Jacob
1051 & 1137   Prospect Avenue   Hungary   Chevrah Bachurim Anshei Hungary
1378   Prospect Avenue       Tachkemoni Congregation
1876   Prospect Avenue       B'nai Abraham
615   Reiss Place       Temple Judea
3380   Reservoir Oval East       Gun Hill Jewish Center
1307   St. Lawrence Avenue       Shaare Torah   
1780   Seward Avenue       Carmel Synagogue
3356   Seymour Avenue       Jewish Center of Violet Park
  Sheridan Avenue & 170th Street       Young Israel of Claremont
920   Simpson Street       Hunts Point Jewish Center
841   Southern Boulevard       Beth Haknesseth Shearith Israel
841   Southern Boulevard       Mishknoth Israel
961   Southern Boulevard       Temple Beth Elohim
951   Stebbins Avenue & E. 163rd Street       Sinai Congregation (of the Bronx): 1920-1: M. Reichler, Rabbi
1042   Stebbins Avenue       Congregation Mount Horeb
1042   Stebbins Avenue       Young Israel of the Bronx
1342   Stebbins Avenue       Migdol Zion
1405   Teller Avenue       Talmud Torah Sons of Israel
1080   Tiffany Street       Bikur Cholim Anshei Sphard
  Topping Ave & East 174th Street       East Concourse Hebrew Center
1758   Townsend Avenue       Young Israel of University Heights
236   East Tremont Avenue       East Concourse Hebrew Center
798   East Tremont Avenue       Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Zion   
780   Union Avenue       Chevrah Bikur Cholim d'Bronx Anshei Sphard
816   Union Avenue       Sinai (1915-6: Max Richler, Rabbi)
857   Union Avenue       Chevrah Sphard d'Bronx
1154   Union Avenue       Ateres Israel (1924-5)
1835   University Avenue       Hebrew Institute of University Heights
2620   University Avenue       Young Israel of Kingsbridge
2631   University Avenue       Beth Israel of Kingsbridge
2481   Valentine Avenue       Tifereth Israel (1920-1: M. Kopfstein, Rabbi)
2510   Valentine Avenue       Jacob H. Schiff Center
2932   Valentine Avenue       Mercaz Harav
2   Van Nest Place       Derech Emunah/Darech Amuno (1920-1)
1662   Vyse Avenue       Rabbi Flax Shul
1702   Vyse Avenue       Mishkon Israel
2149   Wallace Avenue       Ohel Moishe   
1015   Walton Avenue       Young Israel of the Concourse
1570   Walton Avenue       B'nai Israel
1921   Walton Avenue       Mesilath Yehsurim
2275   Walton Avenue       Walton Avenue Synagogue
1115   Ward Avenue       Linas Hazedek   
1484   Washington Avenue       House of Rabbi Joseph (1910-11)
1821   Washington Avenue, c. 175th       Congregation Zera Jacob of the Bronx (1910-21; S. Gelich, Rabbi, 1920-1)
1414   Webster Avenue       Ezras Israel (1920-1: Samuel Redner, Rabbi)



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