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Lives in the Yiddish Theatre:
Luba Kadison & Joseph Buloff

Luba Kadison, a native of Kovno born in 1907, was a prominent Yiddish actress who performed in Yiddish theatres all over the world.

During World War I, the Russians ordered all Jews to leave Kovno within twenty-four hours. From there, she and her family traveled by train to Vilna, where they began life anew. While living there, Luba became a member of the Vilna Troupe.

Luba eventually married fellow actor Joseph Buloff.



Hear about the professional lives of Luba Kadison and her husband Joseph Buloff, and the time they spent with the Vilna Troupe, excerpted from an interview conducted by Martin Boris with Luba Kadison in 1998.

Each section of the Kadison tribute is introduced in a written form, but you can listen to the entire clip, i.e. more than what is written, by clicking on the phrase "Listen to it."



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