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Lasky (Laski), Michael (Michel)
Maslow (Maslo), Rabbi Simcha & Sara Raizel
Miller (Mlecarz), Benny (Baruch)
Socol (Sokol), Albert (Alter)
Stein (Sztern), Harry (Herschel)
Danilewicz, Reb Fishel


Trips to Zambrow

Morris Spector, 1992


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In the above photograph, Peshe Piekarowicz is in the back row on the right. The others are not identified.

** In Memoriam **

The Museum of Family History wishes to send its heartfelt condolences to the family of our landsman Max (Mendel) Srebrnick, who passed away on April 15, 2007. He was born and raised in Zambrow, Poland and was a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was a wonderful man who enjoyed giving talks to both Jews and non-Jews about his experiences during the Holocaust. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

I had interviewed Max about his experiences before and during World War II, and also had the pleasure to interview fellow landsman Hy Yellin. Sadly, he too passed away in May of 2007.

Both he and Max are buried at Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York in the United Zembrower Society plot.

From Avigdor Ben-Dov
18 Feb 2008:

I have been reviewing the lists of surnames from various sources for Zambrow where some of my maternal
family ancestors lived before the war. Doing correlations with the data has led to some exciting finds: names that are not listed in any other place.

I'd like to share this preliminary work with others so here is what I discovered:

 1.The Jewish cemetery in Zambrow which YZI (Yad LeZehava Institute in Kedumim) has very partially documented has the following names (from gravestones in the cemetery) which do not appear in either JRI-Poland vital records for this town, nor in the Zambrow Yizkor Book: JABLONSKY, NEFBESHT, CZERWONICZ,

 2.Surnames from the Zambrow Yizkor Book that match the following matzevot (gravestones) discovered in the

 3. Surnames from the JRI-Poland vital records match the following burials in Zambrow found by YZI:

 The entire file of burials for Zambrow that has been discovered and documented to date by YZI is now being reprocessed (with photographs) by a new set of volunteers, and I hope to make it available online with lots more details when finished.

Posted 2 Apr 2007:

I am the son of Peshe Piekarowicz from Zambrow. I am attempting to uncover my mother's family background and hope that someone may be able to help me. Peshe was one of six children - Eli Piekarowicz, b 1898, Yisrael Piekarowicz, b 1903, Celia Piekarowicz, b 1906, Peshe Piekarowicz , b 1909, Esther Rachel Piekarowicz, b 1911 and Bendit Piekarowicz, b 1913. 
Their father was Shlomo Piekarowicz who was married to Rifka.
I am interested to receive information about Shlomo Piekarowicz and his family. I believe he had at least one brother, Elchanan Piekarowicz.
His wife Rifka's family name was Berger, I believe. 
I would appreciate any help I could receive.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Shlomo (Sol) Todres

Posted 13 Apr 2007:

I was wondering if anyone has come across any information regarding the Rosen or Rozan family from Zambrow? Please contact me through the museum if you know anything about the family. Below you will find the information I have gathered so far:

Hershel Stern (listed in the Forum's Biography section) married Sarah Rosen around 1903. I have always been told that they both came from Zambrow and that Sarah's maiden name was Rosen or Rozan. However, I
have not been able to find Sarah's immigration records, nor the records for any of her brothers. I have located the immigration records for all of the Stern family and have some census records, as well  as cemetery information for both the Stern and Rosen families. Perhaps their name was not always just "Rosen".

From what I understand, Sarah had at least three brothers named: Gdalya (Jack or Jacob), Chaim Simcha (Hyman), and Motl (Max). Her fathers name may have been Shlomo, but I am not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Stacy Hankin

Posted 14 Oct 2007:

I am Italian and excuse me for my bad English...
My wife's grandfather is died in Zambrow on November 06  1943. He's name is Antonio Roncace and is born at Ancarano (Teramo) Italy on June 12  1912. He was an Italian soldier in the Second World War, and maybe he was captured from Germany soldier after Armistice on September 8  1943. We have no other notice, if you know something or a little bit of he's history, please send me or contact me at this mail

Thanks for your attention and for your work.

Antonello Abatecola

Posted 11 Aug 2008:

Has anyone got links to a Pearlman family that lived in and around Zambrow locality from around 1850-1900?  I have the following information:
Yitzchak Pearlman/Perelman/Perlman & Jessie Cohen (name?)
Children: Goldie, Jacob (Jankiel), Menachem and Chava.
Jacob married Sarah Chinka Tuchman and had children: Ichiel, Robert, Isaac, Morris, Samuel all born in Zambrow 1876-1889).  All the above people moved to the US or UK about 1890-1895. Any possible links? I
t would be great to hear from you at

Daniel Lawton

Posted 11 Aug 2008:

I just came across your site and was interested to find my family surname appear on headstones at the Zambrow Jewish cemetery.  My family came from Zambrow. My grandfather was named Shlomo Rozental (previously also spelt Rosenthal), and he had a brother called David Rozental. Both are mentioned in the Book of Zambrow.

David Rozental married Roza or Reizel Tickochinsky and had a child called Miriam Rozental. It appears from the family's own records, that both our families had been there for at least two generations before the war.

My grandfather moved to Uruguay where he married and eventually passed away in the mid 1960s. His brother David stayed and I believe married and had children in Zambrow. I am unsure of what happened after, as some say he passed away in a camp, along with his wife and children. Despite this I spotted on your website that someone by the same name from the same town is (or was) buried there.

I live in the hope that a survivor or descendant from my family may still be around (possibly changed their name, and for all I know, perhaps even religion). This may be either directly from his children, or perhaps from his wife's
side of the family, but I know very little.

Can you help me identify the full names that were on the matzevot (headstones), or perhaps you are aware of people (survivors) from Zambrow, who I can contact by email, post or phone?

I really, really would appreciate your help and I hope to hear back very soon.

 Many thanks in advance

Shlomo Yosef Rozental





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