From the Pale to the Golden Land
How Are Families Came to America

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
photo, left cir 1900; photo, above cir 1930

Fannie Siegel emigrated from Kalusz, Galicia to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1898, along with her mother, Esther Kaufman Siegel, her older sister Blanche and younger sister Nehama Leah (who became "Emalene" in America.) At the time of their emigration, Blanche was eleven years old, Fannie was eight, and Nehama was three.  Their father Gedalia (George) Siegel (Zigel), had come to Pittsburgh earlier, but his wife's mother did not allow her to leave. Gedalia kept returning to Kalusz to try to convince her to emigrate. She would become pregnant, and finally, after their third daughter was born, the wife and children did emigrate, traveling through Berlin and Le Havre on a ship that was ticketed to New York; instead they arrived in Baltimore. They then took a train to Pittsburgh to join Gedalia, and they all lived in the Pittsburgh area for the rest of their lives.
Hear Fannie's story as told to her family in 1981. Turn on your speakers, then click here to hear her speak about her ship voyage and subsequent arrival in the United States.






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