Jewish Life in Eastern Europe

The Concentration Camps
Konzentrationslager: Buchenwald

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BUCHENWALD, near Weimar, Thuringen, Germany

Fragebogen fur Insassen der Konzentrationslager
Questionnaire for Inmates of the Concentration Camps
(see the questionnaire for Vaclav Pisinger on the right)
  • Name of Concentration Camp
  • Date
  • Location
  • Name of Inmate
  • Last Name, First Name
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Religion (Admitted Faith)
  • Home Address
  • Occupation
  • Date of Arrest
  • By Whom
  • Place of Arrest
  • Reason for Arrest
  • Charges Made
  • Court Trying Case
  • Names of Judges
  • Sentence
  • Place of Detention Giving Dates
  • Give particulars of confinement including any inhumane treatment with dates, reasons, and names of perpetrators, if known.
  • Positions held during confinement
  • Have you ever belonged to the Nazi Party or any of its affiliated or subordinate organizations?
  • If so, list organizations, dates of membership and positions held.
  • List periods of military service giving organizations and dates as well as ranks held.
  • List any facts indicating anti-Nazi attitude or activities.
  • List any employment by governmental or Nazi Party agencies, giving nature of duties and method of appointment.
  • Were you deferred from military service?
  • When? Why?
  • Were you ever convicted of any criminal offense?
  • If so, give date, count, sentence, offense and date of release in each case.
  • If released from detention, where do you intend to go?
  • Give names and addresses, if known, of three reliable persons living in the locality where you intend to go, who can vouch for you.
  • Signature
  • Decision of the board
  • Final disposition of inmate
  • Signature of the Presiding Officer of the Board
  • Rank/Branch of the Board members
  • Date








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