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Homemade Passover Matzoh

Homemade Passover Matzoh
photo and written excerpts from "Four Clover Leaves" by Roni Peled.


The Children of Leipzig

"During Pesach the mothers had their hands full preparing for the festivities: Cleaning the house, koshering the dishes and cooking. The children took the opportunity to do as they pleased. They were finally able to celebrate in the lounge, the room which in which they were only allowed to enter for piano lessons or on the arrival of guests. They would then jump on the sofas and run wild, until their mother would send them away, yelling "Out!" The Seder (Passover ceremony) would end late at night, the children would have already fallen asleep at the table, having asked the four questions and drunk the glasses of wine, and having sung and listened to their father reading the Haggadah (the Passover text.)"  next ►►



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