Landsmanshaftn in America
The Vishnevets Society in Chicago, Illinois, cir 1930s
Vishnevets, Ukraine

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 The following is a list of landsmanshaft members (and their addresses) who constituted the Vishnevets society in Chicago in the 1930s.
The list is partial, and it is hoped that within a period of time the list will be greatly augmented with many more of its members.


S. Blumenthal

3542 W. 13th Place

G. Cohen

1644 Taylor

M. Dunn

3514 Grenshaw

Mrs. Fisher

1116 Independence Blvd.

S. Frier

1542 S. Central Park Ave.

M. Finkelstein

3304 S. State Street

R. Gumbiner

840 Lafayette Street

N. Gumbiner

4950 Kimball Ave.

D. Gumbiner

3438 Montrose Ave.

M. Gumbiner

3536 Bosworth Ave.

A. Gumbiner

30 N. LaSalle Street

L. Gumbiner

10 S. LaSalle Street

I. Gumbiner

10 S. LaSalle Street

Mrs. A. Gumbiner

2048 Evergreen Ave.

J. Gumbiner

4619 N. Lawndale Ave.

L. J. Gumbiner

7812 Kimbark Ave.

S. Gumbiner

1532 S. Albany Ave.

M. Gumbinsky

2279 S. Union Ave.

N. Gumbinsky

2279 S. Union Ave.

G. Goldman

1326 N. Artesian Ave.

I. Gumbiner

3310 W. Polk Street

M. Haller

1257 S. Sawyer Ave.

S. Haller

3853 Wilcox Ave.

Mr. Greenberg

1312 S. Turner Ave.

H. Gumbinsky

555 Roscoe St

W. Lindy

64 W. Randolph St

Mr Lindy

822 Milwaukee Ave.

Isaac Linker

1953 S. Springfield Ave.

J. Linker

1953 S. Springfield Ave.

Chas Lowenthal

3725 Grenshaw St

Mrs. B. Lindy

Rogers Park Hotel - Sheridan&Pratt

H. Markoff

3624 Grenshaw St.

J. Mandel

3420 Douglas Blvd.

H. Minsky

3513 Grenshaw St.

D. Neumark

5237 Drexel Blvd

A. Reinshrieber

1138 S. Canal Street

Mrs. Robinson

1424 S. Millard Ave

M. Rush

3720 S. State St.

Mrs. A. Sobolovitz

2852 Filmore St


1338 W. Roosevelt Rd

Mrs. Siegel

3244 W. 13th St.

J. Slavik

13350 Brandon Ave.

H. Slavik

1516 S. Hamlin Ave.

J. Wermig

1539 S. Central Park Ave.

J. Woler

3514 Grenshaw St.






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