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Landsmanshaftn in America
Zambrow, Poland



216 Henry Street, New York

Extra special meeting from Chevra Anshei Zembrove

Dear sisters and brothers!

You are requested to come Saturday evening April 27, 1935 at 9:00 in the evening sharp, for a general meeting at our temple on 216 Henry Street, New York, for the following purposes:

1. The final payments. We are asking all members to come to this meeting and pay your dues because the society has a lot of expenses and needs the money.
2. Last nomination and election of officers.
3. We are going to report your yearly finances for the entire year--the income and the expenses, and your brothers and sisters--you should know how the money is spent, and also of the health of the society. And in general, all this is good for you to know.
4. During the general meeting on May 5, we will sell the names that are designated for the Beth David Cemetery. Dear sisters and brothers, the way you know the following special meeting from the society, we are going to build a gate at Beth David Cemetery, and a contract has already been signed for two months. The work is already in full movement. We think that by the end of June this year, the gate will be finished at the cemetery. We are going to announce to you by today's meeting, also on Sunday, that every brother and sister is able to write in the names that they should be exhibited on the wall of the gate, because according to the contract, all the letters have to be made in a factory together with the gate. The reason is that because of the existing machinery, and the work in the factory comes out nicer and clearer. And in order not to spoil the whole gate, every name must be entered in the factory before the gate is constructed. Therefore, it is our request to you members, men and women, old and young, who want to place their name for eternity on the wall of the gate, or everyone could buy a position to put his name and his wife's name, because the name will remain as a memory for eternity. And in one-hundred years, your children and grandchildren and also friends, they will also utilize the Beth David Cemetery. And they will see the names of their ancestors, and this will remain for them a symbol and a sign, and this will create the impression in their hearts that their parents were constructive members in all charitable undertakings. In this way, the children will follow in their parents' footsteps. Working for the humanity and the day the children will be absorbed into the society from their parents and their landsleit from Chevra Anshe Zembrowe. And with this, your name will be remembered forever.

We have also decided to hold two meetings that will be cheerful--this means with small lunches and tasty refreshments, on behalf of our members and female members.

Remember, the quarterly meeting will take place on Sunday, May 5 at two o'clock until the evening, and the brothers who are not able to come Saturday evening must come Sunday during the day. We will make one role call at the meeting, and for whichever brother or sister will not come to the meeting, we will certainly put them under a fine of two dollars, and you can expect that on your next bill, you will find the two-dollar fine, because this is the decision from the brothers. And we won't recognize any protest...


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