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The Yiddish Theatre Houses

The Lando Theatre
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
September 1929

The Lando Theatre was located on the corner of Center and Green Avenues.

From the weekly "The Jewish Criterion," Pittsburgh, PA, Nov. 8, 1929:


The Lando Theatre is the only Yiddish theatre in the city of Pittsburgh where one can see an all-star Yiddish company performing nightly, the best plays of the Yiddish repertoire --musical comedies, operettas, dramas, melodramas and literary plays of all the famous and popular authors...

The proprietor, Mr. Wm. Lando, did everything possible to provide the city of Pittsburgh with a first-class Yiddish theatre, which is a credit to the entire community.

The prices are so very low and popular that they are within the reach of everybody.

The theatre is lavishly decorated, the sceneries and stage effects are of the highest character, the acting is superb. People wishing to spend a few hours in fine and pleasant atmosphere and enjoyment could not do any better than to visit the Lando Theatre any evening at 8:30, or Saturday matinee, and we can assure them that they will not regret it. On the contrary they will remain patrons of the only Yiddish theatre--the Lando Theatre.

Jewish organizations, who wish to augment the funds of their organization couldn't do any better than to have their theatre parties in the Lando Theatre, where a great moral, artistic and financial success is



LANDO, William

cir 1929

From the weekly "The Jewish Criterion,"
Pittsburgh, PA, Friday, Nov. 8, 1929,
Vol.74, Number 26.


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