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Littman's People's Theatre

19 February 1935
Detroit, Michigan

25th Anniversary for Samuel Solomon and Testimonial Evening for Harry Jordan

and all kind of...
Amusement with the Cosmopolitans..."



"The Village Watchman"
in 3 acts, by Sam Fogel,
music by Samuel Solomon
Cast includes:
Felix Fogelnest, Lydia Slava, Celia Pierson, Anna Shapiro, Harry Jordan, Sam Fogel, Pauline Fogel, Isak Arco, Max Kloss, Clara Honigman and Aaron Sofie.

1) Russian Cosmopolitans (cf.)--Wm. Chagy, Solo
2) Jack Lefton--solo
3) Toe Dance--Janet J. Maus
4) Mrs. Lederman--Soprano--
"Gypsy Girl"
5) Herman Stoller--Rumanian Doyna with the Cosmopolitans
6) Mme. Pauline Brussell--Soprano
7) Sam Weinfield--Apache Dance
8) Wm. Chagy--Russian song-dance

Russian Village Cosmopolitans--
Under direction of Samuel Solomon
Violin, Leon Field
Drums, Julius Neidorf
Clarnet, Herman Stoller
Piano, Samuel Solomon

Chorus: Sally Vinocur, Mildred Rudsky, Molly Briskin, Ida Stoffer, Isabel Berger, Harry Jordan
Master of Ceremonies: Harry Weinberg
Publicity Manager: Harry Hyman

Ensemble of Ballet:
Janet J. Maus, Sadie Dziekan, Frieda Waslav, Estele Osman, Iris Cunnings, Virginia Hutton, June Waslav, Lillian Schlesinger, Marie Dziekan, Peggy Louman, Virginia Wilson, Ellen M. Schuyler

The Solo: Marie and Sadie Dziekman

Ballet and Solos produced by Carlo Casetta


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