The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
An Urgent Appeal for a Worthy Cause
An advertisement as it appeared in the New York Times, December 28, 1913

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"The Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society is urgently in need of friends to carry on its beneficent labors. It has no income other than that which is voluntarily contributed from time to time by generous and kind-hearted people. It has, as yet, no endowment fund. Voluntary contributions and legacies are solicited.

The approximate expenses for 1913, $70,000."

The Society maintains a Free Kitchen, which is probably the only one of its kind in the country. "Whoever is hungry may come and partake thereof." No lines are drawn between race, color and creed, and it is given to the recipient in such a way as not to wound his feelings.

It is due to this work that it is able to truthfully claim that there are few if any Jews to be found in the "Bread Line" on Broadway or the Bowery.

Caption: Location of the Home of the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society in the heart of the Lower East Side, not on the regular traffic line, but very convenient and within easy reach of the people needing its help.



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