How We Worked
A Look at How Our Families Earned a Living

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Our family members spent a good deal of their lives working and sacrificing so they and the other members of their  family could enjoy a good life. Though they did spend so much time at work, we often lack photographs of them in their workplace. In the early years, it could certainly be because not as many people owned cameras or did not think of taking such photographs. Whatever the case, these photographs are important images, especially when we discuss our family history, as they snapshots in time that give us an glimpse into our family member's "other" identity, i.e. other than a father, mother, husband or wife.

Hopefully these photographs will remind us of the struggle that many of our "breadwinners" had to endure for so many years, so that their families and descendants could enjoy a better life with greater  opportunities than they had, and we must be very thankful to them and grateful for their love and strong worth ethic.... next ►►

Vienna, Austria
cir 1886-1904







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