The Jewish Orphanage
The OSE: Oeuvre de secours aux Enfants

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Group portrait of Jewish children at an OSE summer camp
Vizhnitsa, Bukovina

Among those pictured are Anny (Hubner) Andermann (third row, fifth from the right); OSE pediatrician,
Dr. Salter (next to Anny); and her son, Frederick Andermann (standing between the two women).

Anny (Hubner) Andermann (the donor's mother) was born in Galicia. Her father died when she was a child, and during WWI her mother moved the family to Vienna. As a young woman, Anny met Adolf Andermann, a Jew from Suceava, Romania, who was a biologist by training, but worked at a bank in Vienna. They were married in Zurich and moved to Cernauti, Romania in 1925. There her husband established a factory that produced knives and scissors, while Anny became active in social welfare organizations.

In the 1930s Anny served as president of the Romanian branch of the OSE (Oeuvre de secours aux Enfants), the Jewish children's welfare organization. During the war the family moved to Bucharest, where Anny continued her social welfare work. When information became available about the plight of Jewish orphans stranded in Transnistria, Anny organized a campaign with other women calling for their repatriation. To this end she met with the Queen mother and the Papal Nuncio. In March 1944, 1,841 orphans were brought back to Romania, where they were cared for in a number of schools in Bucharest that were made over into orphanages. As the tide of the war turned, plans were made to return the Transnistria orphans to their places of origin, many of which had come under Soviet domination. Anny, hoping to avoid this outcome, arranged for their transport to Palestine. After the war the Andermanns went to Paris, and from there immigrated to Canada in 1950.

Group portrait of the staff and administrators of
the OSE children's clinic in Cernauti, Romania.

Infants are weighed and examined at
the OSE clinic in Cernauti, Romania.

those pictured are Dr. Noe (front row center); Anny (Hubner) Andermann (front row, second from the right); Dr. Mendel Wiesenthal (standing in the back row, fourth from the right); and Dr. Salter (back row, far right).

Among those pictured are Anny (Hubner) Andermann (second from the left), president of the OSE; Dr. Salter (center), OSE pediatrician; and Mrs. Zappler (right), an assistant. Behind them on the wall is a portrait of King Carol of Romania.

Text and photographs courtesy of and Dr. Frederick Andermann.






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