Stories from our Ancestral Homes

There are so many stories that may be told of our families--both of their struggles and their triumphs--that lived in Europe before the advent of the second World War. Many of these stories have been told by those who are characters in them, each an inhabitant of one the many shtetls, towns and cities of pre-war Europe. Presented here are just a few of these stories.

Click on the underlined title to read a story. To see what other such stories are featured within this exhibition, click on the exhibition title above.


"My Life"
Bialystok, Poland
"Bright and
Dark Days"

Czyzew, Poland
"Recollections from the Shtetl"
Czyzew, Poland
"Chaim Lazar Friedman

Grodno, Belarus
"Stories of their Father..."
Jedwabne, Poland
"The Early Life
of Fannie Siegel"
Kalush, Ukraine
"Life in the Krakow Ghetto"
Krakow, Poland
"Memoirs of Yardena"
Nemešany, Slovakia
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