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An Editorial on Genealogists
December 10, 1908
The Jewish Herald, Houston, Texas


Pride of Ancestry No Hope For Posterity
by Rabbi Abraham D. Price, Baltimore, MD

Genealogists are reaping a large harvest from men and women whose credulity is more annoying than their attempt to arrogate themselves above the so-called common rabble. Men who through genius and other circumstances become possessors of vast fortunes are seized with a desire to climb their family tree and if possible to pluck a nobleman or two from its boughs. This in itself may be a commendable thing but it has one serious aspect. A phase of life fraught with many dangers. It is not what our ancestors were. The world moves too fast--too many events have transpired since then and they belong to the forgotten past. The world is solely concerned with their descendants. The mass of people eager to ape their ways have likewise given themselves up to this worship and a character of snobbishness and [has] supplanted the unaffectedness of our race.

All this has led to a vulgar display, each vying with the other. And the American home is being confronted with the growing national problem, the dearth of prosperity. Our genealogists have failed miserably, for if some of our wealthy citizens can trace their ancestry back to the feudal lords, they have evidently forgotten that we all have a common ancestry, the aborigines, and if our impulses are not quickened, there is a possibility that we will revert back to that type.







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