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 Postcards from Home 



photos courtesy of

My great uncle
Dr. Arnold Landau and his niece Francis Robinson,
cir 1936.

My mother Erica Grunberg and her younger cousin Anny, Herrengasse,
cir 1937.

Playing cards, probably at Eisenau (southern Bukovina),
cir 1930.

My uncle
Leander Grunberg (in the dark jacket) and (?) school friends.
 Aug 1930.

My great aunt Netka (left), and her cousin
Rachelle Peretz.

My mother,
Erica Grunberg with best friend Erika Brettschneider
in the Hauptstrasse.
Erika was shot
by the Nazis
during the war.






Graduation photos 1938
Marele Voivod Mihai
in Czernowitz.
Paul Celan (Antschel)
  is the second from the left,
second from the top.

My father is second from the right in the third row.
 This photo was taken at
the Comenius-Volksschule.

Gregorovitzium Privatlyzeum- My father is the guy in the front row in the middle.
The teacher's name was
Professor Silberbusch.

My aunt Lisa
She is the second from the right in the middle row.
On the back is written  "Cecina (1922?)"



My mother, standing on the right, with her two younger sisters, Eda Wachtel (married surname) and Erna Rosenblatt
(also married surname).

This is my kindergarten photo -- 'gradina de copii' is kindergarten in Rumanian. I am the one in the first row holding the cardboard with the date. Back row: Hugo Trichter, Mia Engler, Jenny Wender, Grete Weissmann, Sami Loebl (his twin brother is sitting in the second row from below - Julius Loebl).  Second row from top: Friedl Sonntag, Erika Luefschuetz, Anny Weiner and Rosa Weissmann. Third row from the top: Right next to the kindergarten teacher whom I remember only as the nice 'Tante Lea' is Martha Feingold, next to Tante Lea is Mrs. Lissner, a gym and ballet teacher who taught in our school twice a week.  Fourth row: Ari Rosenblatt or Rosenberg. The girl in the dark dress is Evelyne Birkenfeld; at the end is Julius Loebl, twin of Sami.  I don't remember the names of the kids next to me, except for the last to the right: Armin Weschler - they had the best grill and restaurant in Czernowitz.

Here you can see our class teacher, Mr. Lowie to the left, and Mrs. Singer to whom I owe my good knowledge of German, to the right. In the middle sits "Frau Direktor Meisler". Some of the kindergarten children also joined the first grade. In the top row in the middle, the good- looking one is Adi Kommer, the class heartthrob. Right under him is Matthias Zwilling, whom I met half a century later at the Czernowitz cemetery. He never left our city, never married, and led a pretty miserable life. He died two years ago I think.  Also: Mia Lackner, Bea Gross (no longer alive), Fredy Peretz, Martha Rathsprecher, Fredy Schwartzkopf, Radu Halus. In the last row, holding the cardboard is Oswalda (Vally) Schummer. Outer left, Kobi Fuhrmann, who perished in Transnistria.

Again with our class teacher Mr. Lowie, whom we loved, and Mrs. Singer, the German teacher, whom I last heard from when I got a letter from her which came from Bucharest. The lady in the third row was our French teacher. She was so good that at the end of the third grade, all of us had a smattering of French reading and writing. Right next to her is Miriam Gottesmann, and at the end, of the row is Anny Weissmann, who became my special and best friend. She lives in Bucharest now, is a chemical engineer, and married to the director of a theatre. They have no children. Here, Grete Weissmann holds the cardboard. I am sitting right next to her. Second from the left is Radu Halus, on of the few non-Jewish students. He was bright and good-looking.

This photo, taken in 1939, is especially significant because among the four older gentlemen, the third from the left is Dr. Marck, our beloved and very esteemed Rabbi, who was killed along with 450 other Jews right next to the river Pruth. He is buried in a mass grave. This was the 70th birthday party of my paternal grandfather, Israel Koch, the one with the white beard. My maternal grandfather is sitting next to him at the left. I don't remember who the fourth gentleman was. Both of my parents are seen to the far left. To the far right stands my aunt Riva Touchmann and Muziu Tuchmann, well-known sport stars in Czernowitz.  They spent miserable years in Siberia, and are no longer alive. I sit in the bottom row (of course) flanked by my two cousins, Benno and Joli, who loved to smack me occasionally.

This photo shows my paternal grandfather (he died of malnutrition in Transnistria) with all his grandchildren. Josef, top left, lives here in Israel.  Peeking over grandpa's shoulder is Joli, also here in Israel. Right next to him is Maddy, the beauty of the family (with the most magnificent blue eyes and blond hair) perished in the war at the age of sixteen. 
Bottom row: my cousin Benno, here in Israel.
 I am the baby, a few months old.  Next to me is Bumi, my favorite cousin, brother of Maddy, who died three years ago in Israel.



The photograph on the left was taken at
"Foto Mimosa" on Elena Doamna str. # 1 b. by M.Suchar, cir. 1925-8.
My father Max (Mendel) Goldberger is standing
 on the right side.

The photo on the left
was taken at "Fotograf Czernowitz" Lillengasse # 24 by Wilhelm Strassberg
cir 1917-20.
 My father Max (Mendel) Goldberger is second from the left, in the second row from top.
The name of school is unknown, and so are names of the children.





When life was
still good.


Jiddisch Arbeiter Zeitung - 1925 photograph of the people involved in the production of the weekly Yiddish newspaper "Yiddishe Arbeiter Zeitung".
My grandfather Saul Leib Steinmetz, seated second from right in the middle row, was the editor and publisher. I have been told that one of the people
in the photograph, I do not know which one, is Ben Zvi, who later was the President of Israel.

Graduating class of 1927 of the school "Liceul #3 on Piata Ghica Voda."
I can identify only some of the people pictured, but know more names of the
people in that class, they are: Hermelin, Gottesmann, Segall, Grunberg,
Metsch, Hacken and Vircik.

And here's another photo of the same class.


Radio-photograph of 1929, with the first radio built in Czernowitz.
It was built by my uncle Yehoshua (Schiku) Steinmetz, center in upper row.






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