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Cwi Hirsz Rozenblat
cir bef 1918

Siddur cover of
Cwi Hirsz Rozenblat,
w. writing

Translation of Siddur cover:

1. First day of Succos, 1878, a son was born to me, as a sign of good luck, and he is called among the children of Israel by the name Avraham Elimelech, according to the Ushpizin of the day [every one of the 8 days of Succos honors one of our patriarchs whom we symbolically invite to eat with us in the Succah.  The first day is Abraham’s day] and after my grandfather.  Due to the feverish sickness which afflicted him, on the second day I added the name Alter, for long life.

2.  11th day of Av 1880 ... David ... named after the Moshiach ben David who will arrive quickly in our days...... [This was two days after the solemn day of the 9th of Av when religious people fervently pray for the Moshiach.  The Moshiach was obviously still on the father’s mind.]

3. 16th day of Tammuz 1882 ... Aharon Pinchas after the name of the sedrah, because the Bris took place during Parshas Pinchas .....

4. On the night of motza’ei shabbos on the 2nd day of the month of Tishrei in the year 1884 ..... Yisroel Yitzchak, after my father, z”l .......

Cwi Hirsz Rozenblat's
children, l. to r.:
Miriam Dvorah,
Chia Meril (seated),
Moshe, Peril and
Adel Sara

writing on back
of photo of
Cwi Hirsz
Rozenblat's children

5. 7th day of Shvat, Parshas Beshalach, 1887 ..... Miriam Devorah.

[Although the father doesn’t give an explanation for the name this time, it is certainly because that Parshah, Beshalach in the Torah deals with the splitting of the Red Sea, after which the propehetess Miriam (Moshe’s sister) sang a famous song.  Also on that shabbos in the synagogue the song of Devorah the prophetess is also sung out.]

 6. 8th day of the month of Elul 1889 .........  Chaia Mirl. [No explanation again; but I guess that based on the fact that Mirl is a diminutive form of Miriam, and that Chaia is an additive name meaning life, then it must be that the previous daughter must have died as a child, and that this new baby was named after her.]

 7. Motza’ei shabbos, Parshas Shmos, 1892 ..... Moshe Yosef. [Again no explanation; but again following the father’s reasoning, I'm guessing that the name Moshe was given because the prophet Moses’ birth was described in that weekly portion of the Torah.

 8. Shabbos in the evening on the 2nd day of Shavuos, 1895 ..... Perl Tzipporah. [No explanation, but Shavuos celebrates the giving of the Torah. 

It is our tradition that on that day Mount Sinai flowered and attracted birds, which is the literal translation of Tzipporah.  Perl must have been the name of an ancestor, perhaps the father’s grandmother.

9. Shabbos parshas Chayei Sarah, 1897 ..... Eydel Sarah, Eydel after my mother and Sarah after the Parshah [Chayei Sarah is about the matriarch Sarah.].

10.  First day of Rosh Hashanah, 1900 ............  Yakov Shimon....... [Now here, we seem to have no reason for naming the son after Biblical figures, as neither of the two patriarchs had anything obvious to do with Rosh Hashanah.  So this boy was named after ancestors:  Shimon the Tzaddik and some Yakov.

11. [Written sideways on the right hand side is recorded another birth.: Shabbos Parshas Parah, 5th day of Adar, 1902, famous for [Queen] Esther. [Purim always falls in the month Adar] .........  Esther Simchah.

On the left hand side of the page are the records of two deaths:

1. Water is flowing from my eyes, my eyes, because of the death of my father, z”l, who went to his afterlife on the 23rd day of the month of shvat in the year 1884. [The year 1884 is written cryptically, as part of the phrase “with the spreading of his Torah”]

 2. Water is flowing from my eyes, my eyes, because of the death of my mother who went to her afterlife on the Holy Shabbos the day of the eve before year 1898 in the city of Checiny.

Unknown Rozenblat
(or Rozencweig) couple

Izrael Yitzchak
 Rozenblat, son of
Cwi Hirsz

Russian document 1881,
poss for Cwi Hirsz R., from the town of Olkusz
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