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Wedding Photo of Pesia Zacks & Moshe FriEdman
12 August 1927
Joniskis, Lithuania

Identification of those in the above wedding photograph:
  1. Hanah Golomb (Daughter of No. 24)
  2. Yemima (Yente) Svetnik.  (Emigrated to Palestine before the war.)
  3. Abe-Yitchak Zacks (brother of the bride)
  4. Genia Reichel (Father was dentist.  Had a sister named Tzilla.)
  5. Unknown child
  6. Unknown child
  7. Gershon Luria (Father of Misha and Zeev Volf).
  8. Raya Fuchs (Later Rubin. Daughter of the late Dr. Alexander Fuchs from Kovna).
  9. Yetti (Etta Blume) Kimmel (Daughter of Michla Nee Becker and Volf Kimmel relatives from Riga).  Perished in 1941.
  10.  …… Indursky (an engineer by profession)
  11.  Mally (Malka Pera) Kimmel (A sister of Yetti Kimmel (No. 9). Perished in 1941.
  12. Zeev Volf Luria (A lawyer living Siaulai.  Son of Gershon Luria at no.7)
  13. Izik Zacks (eldest brother of the bride). Perished in 1941.
  14. Israel Zacks (Elder brother of Yedidya Zacks. Uncle of the bride).
  15. Leah Zacks (Nee Zagorsky. Wife of Israel Zacks. Possibly from Zagar).
  16. Yedidya Zacks (Father of the bride). Perished in 1941.
  17. Malka Zacks (Nee Friedland.  Mother of the bride). Perished in 1941.
  18. Pesia Zacks (Bride and daughter of Yedidya & Malka Zacks). Perished in 1941.
  19. Moshe Friedman (Groom. From Vorneh. Son of Shaya Ben Zion Friedman and brother of Mordechai Ish-Shalom ex. Mayor of Jerusalem). Perished in 1941 .
  20. Chaya Zacks (Nee Shtill.  Wife of Yshayahu Zacks).
  21. Yeshyahu (Shaye) Zacks (Younger brother of Yedidya Zacks and uncle of the bride).
  22. Sheine Kremer (Nee Melvitzky. Wife of Ben Zion Kremer).
  23. Ben Zion Kremer (Owner of Joniskis Electricity Station).
  24. ?……. Golumb (with beard. Father of No.1 and seller of Ice).
  25. ……?….. Abramson
  26. Reize Friedman (Nee Raskin. Mother of groom)
  27. Shaya Ben-Zion Friedman (Father of Groom. From Vorneh)
  28. Wife of Ephraim Flakes-Friedman-Flaks (Sister-in-law of Shaya ben-Zion Friedman and niece of R’ Isaac Belzer).
  29. Ephraim Flakes-Friedman (Brother of Shaya Friedman. Uncle of Groom)
  30. ……… Hendler (Nee…?..  Wife of Yossel Hendler)
  31. Yossel Hendler
  32. Rosa Luria (Wife of Gershon Luria at No. 7)
  33. Misha Luria (Son of Rosa and Gershon Luria). Emigrated to Palestine.
  34. Ruth Judith Chase (Nee Aaronson).  Visiting from USA. Relative on the Milwitzky side).
  35. Yetti Zeligman (Nee Zacks.  3rd daughter of Israel Zacks. 1st cousin of bride). Perished in 1941;
  36. Abe Zeligman (Husband of Yetti). Perished in 1941.
  37. Salomon Rabinovitch (from Kovna.  Married to Fania Zacks). Perished in 1941.
  38. Fania Zacks (Eldest daughter of Israel Zacks (No. 14). 1st cousin of bride). Perished in 1941.
  39. Molodka Koussevitzky ( Niece of Moshe Koussevitzky - the great cantor).
  40. Shmaryahu (Shmeryl) Zacks (youngest son of Israel Zacks. 1st cousin of bride). Perished in Riga 1941.
  41. Nechama Zacks (Later Lentchner.  Sister of bride). Emigrated to Palestine 1933.
  42. Relative from USA ?
  43. Relative from USA ?
  44. Yasha (Yaacov) Zacks (Elder son of Israel Zacks. 1st cousin of bride). Perished in 1941.
  45. Sima Fuchs (Nee Kaduszyn) (Widow of Dr. Alexander Fuchs. Mother of No. 8. Relative on the Melvitzky side). Perished in 1943.
  46. Masha Chait (Nee …?…)
  47. …?…… Chait (Husband of Masha Chait)
  48. Shalom Chait (son of No.46 and 47)
  49. Frida Zacks (Later Zilberg, Tzifrin, Weinstein. Youngest Sister of bride). Emigrated to Palestine.
  50. Unknown lass (possibly came with the Kremers No. 22 and 23)
  51. William Chase (originally Chait) (husband of No. 34. Visiting from USA).
  52. Golda Zahava Sluchin (later Elyashiv and then Vesterman). Emigrated to Palestine.
  53. Augusta Glazer (Nee Zacks) (2nd daughter of Israel Zacks. 1st cousin of bride). Perished in 1941.
  54.  Unknown lady
  55. Boris Vesterman. Perished in Birzai 1941.
  56. Miriam (Mary) Peisechovitch (Friend of Nechama Zacks. May also be related).
  57. Unknown visitor from USA (possibly related to No. 56).
  58. Unknown relative from Joniskis.
  59. Itzchak Zacks (son of Yeshayahu Zacks. 1st cousin of bride). Perished in 1941.
  60. Golda Elkishok (a Joniskis neighbour of the Zacks).
  61. Mally (Malka) Per (a relative of the Zacks from Riga). Perished in 1941.
  62. Yochi Per (Nee Kimmel).  (Mother of Mally Per at No. 61). Perished in 1941.
  63. Shabtai (Shepsel) Per from Joniskis (Son of Hirsh and b. 1856/1859 (ALD). Not Father of Mally Per.  Mally’s father  - Mordechai Per, son of Moshe  from Linkova - died 1916).
  64. Miriam Goldberg (Nee Chait)
  65. …?…. Goldberg (Husband of Miriam at No. 64)
  66. Pine ? Handler (any relation to No. 30 & 31 ??)
  67. Rivka Fish/Fisher ? (Daughter of the local photographer – Jacob Fisher?)
  68. Shoshana Zacks (Later Rabani.  Distant relative. Daughter of Chaim Israel Zacks the photographer from Siauliai). Emigrated to Palestine in 1931.
  69. Rosa (Shoshana) Elkishok (a Joniskis neighbour of the Zacks. Sister of No. 60).
  70. Aba Vesterman.  Emigrated to Palestine and married Golda Sluchin at No. 52.
  71. Malka Fisher (Daughter of the Yaacov Fisher – the local photographer. Sister of No. 67 ?)
  72. Baruch Golomb (may be brother of Hannah Golomb at No.1).

**This photo, along with other such Zachs and Friedman photos from Joniskis, is part of an album once owned by Nechama Zacks, who emigrated to Palestine in 1933 and recently passed away at the age of 101.

Photograph courtesy of Yael Driver.




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