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   Technical Tips

The Museum of Family History was created for the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and a Windows operating system, with a screen resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels, a setting found more and more on newer computers. This resolution should produce a sharp image when viewed on your computer screen when using the same resolution, though it will position the page to the left side of the screen. If viewed, however, with a screen resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels, the web page presented will mostly center itself on the screen and occupy the majority of its width, increasing the size of the print and photographs, though slightly decreasing the sharpness of the print.

The site is best viewed using a normal, or medium, text size setting. Viewing the site with larger or smaller text size might occasionally produce graphic anomalies. Another way to expand the web pages and increase the print size is to change the resolution settings to a lower number, e.g. 800 pixels by 600 pixels. This can be done by going to your computer's Control Panel, clicking on Settings, then the Display icon. By sliding the arrow in the Screen Resolution window until it reads 800 by 600 pixels, and clicking on "OK," you will be lowering the screen resolution but increase the size of the page and text. You can always revert back to your original settings in the same manner when you are done viewing the site.

The colors that appear on each page will vary based on several factors, e.g. what browser you are using, what size your computer screen is, and what the brightness setting is. The site has not been tested against other browsers such as Firefox (identified as Mozilla before 2005), Opera or Landscape. There might be a difference between the perceived color that is seen on a desktop computer (often a CRT, i.e. cathode ray tube) and that which is seen on a laptop (a brighter, LCD, i.e. liquid crystal display). Many pages have recently been redone with respect to their color and text to minimize the differences that may occur. Attempts have been made to change the page colors in order to provide a greater contrast between the text and the background behind the text, especially with respect to the poor contrast that may have existed in the past between links (royal blue in color) and backgrounds of a similar blue color.

In order to take full advantage of all that the Museum has to offer, it is suggested that you visit the Downloads section (appearing on the Site Map page) and download onto your computer some or all of the software it offers. Having this software on your computer, if you don't already have it on your computer, will probably be useful at other times when you're not visiting the museum. There are downloads for various Microsoft software, e.g. Excel (spreadsheets), Word, Media Player (audio clips and music), PowerPoint (slide presentations), as well as for Adobe reader, useful for reading PDF files. Of special importance when visiting this museum is Windows Media Player, as this will enable you to listen to the growing number of sound recordings on this site. The symbol when found indicates that a particular exhibition has an audio component to it. You may also be able to use QuickTime from Apple to play any videos (marked by the symbol when available.)


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