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2 mins, 59 secs






Avraham Jossem built a house here in Bialystok. Sedzibę was here, St Petersbursko Agency - Tulskiego Ziemiańskiego Bank - the main investor hotel "Ritz". Businesses here included those of Hirsh Litwak, Albert Koenig, David and Anna Natanson, Solomon Ginzburg, Dorotyński Hirsh, Abraham Szejnman, Monia Gutman. Here lived Olga and Andrew Mountain. Mrs. Olga was a teacher of mathematics, and her husband was a talented doctor. Eugene Kazimirowski, journalist, painter and excursionist lived here. The department of coffin manufacturers run by John Ostasz was here, as were many others. Within a house such as this, one could write many books....


From Tomek Wisniewski
Bialystok, Poland





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