The Jews of Latvia
In Remembrance



The Museum of Family History's "Walls of Remembrance" wishes to honor and preserve the memory of those who died, who were tragically murdered, during the Holocaust of World War II. Here we honor the Jews of Latvia, not just the many who died in the large and small ghettos of Riga, but throughout Latvia.

If you know of Jewish family members who perished in Latvia, by whatever means during World War II and have photographs of them, please send them to . To the best of your ability, include their names, the approximate date of each photograph and where the photograph was taken (or where the people in the photographs lived during the war.) Also, please include your name and some biographical information about those in the photograph(s), so it may be included along with the photograph.

This part of the "Jews of Latvia" exhibition is displayed as such:
As it might be in a museum in the material world, the photos have been matted and framed and are organized according to how they appear in the photograph, either within a family group or as an individual. Within a page display of family group photos, you may left-click with one's computer mouse and you will be taken to that family's page with hopefully a greater description of the family group, etc.

The alphabetized list below will give you an idea of the family names of those displayed in these photographs. Simply click on the underlined links to be taken to the page of photographs. For these photographs, simply left-click on the photos to learn more about those featured.


Family Groups

First Wall:

Brandt Family
Itkin Family
Kaplan Family


Second Wall:

Lilly Mozeson
Rolf Mozeson
Stashik Mozeson



Other Groups

Third Wall:

Students of the








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