Three Gifts
The Acting Troupe


Yiddish Art Theatre troupe for Peretz's "Three Gifts."  


From left to right: First row, Jenny Casher, Lisa Silbert, Menachem Rubin, Berta Gerstin, Maurice Schwartz, Luba Kadison, Isadore Casher, Rebecca Weintraub and Celia Pearson.

Second row, Leib Kadison, Misha Fishson, Abraham Lax, Gustave Berger, Muriel Gruber, Boris Auerbach, Charlotte Goldstein, Michael Goldstein, Abraham Teitelbaum, Yudel Dubinsky and Leon Gold.

Last row, Sol Krause, Isaac Arco, Charles Cohan, Morris Strassberg, Isadore Lash, Morris Bielawsky and Meyer Scherr.






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Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery.


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