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After the War



Yiddish Theater in Europe

The Minchener Jidiszer Kleinkunst Teater (MIKT) troupe

Rakhi Berman and Rokhl Antupitska
in "Shlomo Molkho"

Munchen, Germany

For the most part, those who were living in the displaced persons (DP) camps after the end of World War II were in need of whatever might lift up their spirits. The Cultural Office of the "Central Committee for Released Jews" organized readings and evenings of songs for them and brought in films for all to watch. They also brought in Yiddish theater groups to entertain. Many of those who had worked in the creative arts before World War II had already gone on to make their contributions to Jewish culture outside of Europe. They had immigrated to other countries in the decades preceding the war and had made careers for themselves. However, not every Jewish writer or actor did so, and a great many of those who remained in Europe at the onset of World War II died during the war. After the war, for all intents and purposes, new material for the Yiddish stage in Europe was no longer being written...more

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