Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


S. Alomis
(Sonia Lubotski)


Born in 1896 in Vilna, Polish Lithuania. Mother -- a restaurant owner. She completed Gurevitsh's gymnasium. Still in school, she participated in the Russian student productions, and at the same time acted in children's roles in the troupe of Julius Adler. On 19 February (A. S.) 1910, she performed as "Di kleyne" in David Pinski's "Gabri and the Women", under the direction of Y. Yulin. 1912 -- participated in the amateur circle of Jacob Ben Ami.

A. (together with her brother Jacob) completed the dramatic courses of the Russian regisseur Straganov's concept, then acted with L. Sokolov ("Amalie" in Schiller's "The Robbers"), and over the province with Solskin.

When "Fada (Fereyn yidishe dramtishe artistn -- ed.)" was founded (1916), she was taken into the troupe and soon there received her first dramatic roles. During the outbreak of the German revolution, E. together with her husband, A. Azro, traveled to Vilna, where they founded the local Jewish state theatre (Shtadt-Theater and Cirkus-Theater -- ed.), and there she acted until April 1919. End of 1919 -- E. acted in the troupe that was organized by the "Yiddish Theatre Society", and then toured across the province (together with Azro, Zhelazo and Birnbaum), with "artistic evenings". Summer 1920 -- acted for a short time in Kovno, and from there traveled to Berlin, where she acted for eight months (from September 1921) in "Dos yidishe kinstler-teater", and traveled afterwards with the troupe on a tour (until February 1923) across Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and England.


May 1923 -- she entered into the reorganized "Vilna Troupe", with whom she traveled to perform across Holland and Belgium, and then to America to Boris Thomashefsky (19 January 1924 in New York's Nora Bayes Theatre). After performing for several months in New York, she went on a large tour with the troupe across America, and in the 1926-27 season, she further acted in New York (Lipzin Theatre) under her husband's direction, and in mid-season, E. withdrew from the troupe and from then on performed only in scenes of plays on special "evenings".

On 23 March 1929, she was in a farewell production staged in the Folks Theatre in an act of Artsybashev's "Oyferzukht", and in Sholem Asch's "Motke ganef (Motke the Thief)", and soon traveled to Europe where she performed with her husband in "artistic evenings" in Western Europe, participating then in a troupe that called itself for a certain time "Vilna Troupe", and later continued to perform with "artistic evenings" in Eastern and Western Europe.

Sh. E. from Meir Bulkin and from Y. Yulin.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1571.

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