Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Nachum Bazelinski


Born in 1836 in Zhitomir (?), to a rich family. Zalmen Reyzen called him in the "Lexicon" (Vol. I, p. 899), supported in B. Gorin's "History of the Yiddish Theatre" (Vol. II, p. 51), "Vazelinski," and went on that "B. was a shoemaker from Odessa".

The actors Bliefeld and Tabatshnikov relate that Bazelinski (not Vazelinski) had indeed lived in Odessa, but he wasn't a shoemaker; he had a shoe business. B. may have been born in Zhitomir and learned together with Goldfaden in the local rabbinical school. B. also may have composed a play "Der blbul," which Goldfaden had adapted as "Dr. Almasado."

Khina Braginska-Fiszon states that her troupe had in Berdichev staged B.'s play "Der yidishe doktor."

Moshe Schorr thinks B. in the years 1882-3 was a director of an insurance business in Odessa.

B. composed the play "Di meshugene oys libe," which in the eightieth year almost at the beginning of Yiddish theatre, with a great success was played at first in Russia, then in other countries, and yet later in America. The play was one of the first dramas on the Yiddish stage.

In 1881 B. translated and issued "Esther," a tragedy in five acts by Ludvik Filipson, "translated in the Yiddish language and arranged for the stage by N. B. Bazelinska [Odessa, 84 pp., 8]."


In the university library of Jerusalem, one finds the following two plays of B.:

  • "Di shtile khasene," or, "Di ferfolgte liebe," composed by N. B. Baz'linski, in Odessa 18 November 1880 ["Meshugene oys libe"?] heroysgebeyben by A. Bazilinski" [56 pp., 16], censured in Kiev 24 June 1905, alza damolt berkh gedrukt].

  • "Gedalyahu's toyt" [on a title page, adaption of Filipson's "Gedalyahu," 72 pp., 16. also issued by A. Bazilinski, (Russian Bazelinski), who says that in the second edition there was included a detailed biography of the author, and content meanwhile with a shorter epitaph in Hebrew, giving the birth and death dates of the author, as well as his picture].

B. passed away in 1901.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 1, page 117.

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