Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


(Gershon Einbinder)

Born on 8 February 1901 (per Reisen 1900) in Bershad, Podolia, as the son of a lumberjack. Until the age of thirteen he learned in a cheder, then In yeshivas in various towns, last in the Odessa yeshiva (Yosef  Kloyzner and Kh.N. Bialik were teachers there.) Out of there, to devote himself to general education and to be absorbed in the throes of the Russian Revolution. Due to the pogroms he fled to Romania, where he debuted in 1921 in "Yid," with several scenes from his experiences. Due to hunger and need he immigrated in 1923 to America. Here for the first time he worked as a teacher, and he began all the more to dedicate himself to writing, most of the time with Yiddish children's literature, which he published in "Kinder-land," "Kinder-zhurnal," "Frayhayt," et al. In 1925 he published his first book, a collection of fifty children's stories "Stories From Chaver-Paver."

Ch. became very active in "Artef," for whom he wrote an entire series of one-acters and scenes, which were staged. In the 1932-33 season -- "Di khapers," according to Morris Winchevsky, stage directed by Beno Schneider, sets by Moi Solotaroff, "Sholom krigt a medal" by F. Cherner and Chaver-Paver, stage director Benno Schneider, sets Moi Solotaroff. In the 1933-34 season "Veykhhartsiker bos" and "Der gorile," "Motl peise dem khazens," according to Sholem Aleichem (stage director -- Benno
Schneider). In the 1934-35 season "Der partizaner un amerikaner," stage director Sh. Isaacov and Kh. Brisman, "Mir ganovenen di grenetz," according to Sholem Aleichem.


and "Nit gefidlt," according to Sholem Aleichem (stage director: Benno Schneider). In the 1935-36 season "Der shklaf" and "Der goldener barg," stage director Jacob Mestel (published in January 1939 in New York's "Hammer"), and in the 1936-37 season "Shinel," according to N. Gogol, stage director Benjamin Zemach, sets by Moi Solotaroff.

In 1932 (June-July) in New York's "Der Hammer," there was published Ch.'s play in four acts, "Hold the Fort," which  was staged in Argentina under the name "Di neber" through "Ift," and in an English translation through Dr. Sol Ginzburg.

In "Hammer" (February-May, N.Y., 1935) Ch. published his drama, "Der pshuter moris garber," which on 28 February 1936 was staged in Montreal in the "Monument Nationale" Theatre through the "Arbeter Theatre Group."

Ch. dramatized "Hantsh, pentsh un jewel" by Samuel Arnitz, which "Artef" staged during the 1935-36 season, under the direction of Benno Schneider, sets by Moi Solotaroff.

Ch. also wrote a scene for Ziskind Lev's play, "Di shniter," and several characters, scenes and dialogue for Kulbak's play, "Boytre guln," which "Artef" staged.

Ch. dedicated himself especially to the Yiddish children's theatre, for which he wrote an entire series of one-acters and scenes and dramatized the work of Yiddish writers. So there were staged through the children's school his one-acter, "Di fir zin fun der hagaddah" (published in 1925 in "Kinder-zhurnal," and in 1930 in Vilna), "Haman vil tsugnbenen dem grager" (published  in 1925 in "Kinder zhurnal," which also was published in a Hebrew translation in a Hebrew children's journal), "A geshaft hob ikh" (published in 1929 in "Kinder-zhurnal," and in 1939 in Vilna, Bostomski publishers), also staged in the Arbeter Ring Camp under the direction of Kh. Bez, "Sacco and Venzetti," (published in 1920 in "Kinder zhurnal"), "Der mishpat iber der katz" (published in 1937 in "Yungvarg"), "Motl peise dem khazns in Ellis Island," according to Sholem Aleichem (under the direction of Jacob Mestel, staged through "Artef," as well as through children's schools (published in 1959 in "Zamlungen"), and in1939 in Buenos Aires through "Ift," under the direction of Flapan), "Dos tsigele vil git handlen," "Mises shpanknobl" (under the direction  of Ezra Harari), and "Yosele," according to Jacob Dinezon, staged in Camp Kinderland, and in 1937, under the direction of Itskhok Rotbum for three-thousand people, for the Ordn-schools, in New York's Carnegie Hall (role of "Yosele" -- Sidney Lumet), and then repeated in Philadelphia at the Arbeter Ring convention.

In 1938 in N.Y. there was staged under the direction of Jacob Mestel, with the Yiddish department of the Federal Theatre, Ch.'s translation of Clifford Odets' play, "Awake and Sing."

In 1938 there was shown in a sound film Mendele Mokher Sforim's "Di kliatshe" (based on "Di kliatshe," "Fishke der krumer," "Di takse" and the "Priziv"), adapted from Ch.P., under the direction of Edga G. Ulmer.

Ch. also, together with B. Fenster, wrote "Der golden kholem (The Golden Dream)" which was staged dthrough Jacob Schiffer with a chorus from Kinderland, and later with additional scenes from Itzik Manger's "Kishufmakherin," adapted and staged through the "Folksbiene" in N.Y., and then in Warsaw's Jewish State Theatre tghorugh Jacob Rotbaum, and also published in "Frayhayt" his one-acters, "Vos di nakht dertseylt," and "In land andersh," which were played through the children's schools, as well as dramatizing his published stories, "Di kinder fun cherry strit" and it was staged through children's schools, and in he Arbeter Ring Camp under the direction of L. Kadison.

On 9 October 1939 in the "Mercury" Theatre in New York, there was staged through "Artef," under the direction of Leo Ward, L. Miller's dramatization of Ch.'s novel, "Clinton Street."

In September 1939 in Brooklyn's "Parkway" Theatre, there was staged William Siegel's dramatization of Ch.'s novel, "Tsen landslayt" (with Samuel Goldinburg as the stage director and main role player).

Afterwards Ch. went in 1941 to Los Angeles, and here he continued with his writing and dramaturgical activity. He composed in the "Morgn-frayhayt" an entire series of writings for Yiddish actors in their memoirs.

In September 1949 in Buenos Aires under the direction of Flapan, there was staged through "Ift" Ch.'s one-acter, "Di yidishe froy fun minsk," which was published at the same time in a local journal, "Naye teater," and received the Kesner prize. The one-acter on 9 October 1949 was staged under the direction of Benzion Gordon in Los Angeles in the local "Yiddish Culture Club" through the "Yiddish Folksbiene."

In Los Angeles there also were staged through the children's schools Ch.'s "Dos lakhndik yingel," and later, as an operetta with music by Sonny Weil (sp), and under the direction of Janet Brand, "A rayze tsu der livone" and "Der oytser, a play about Sholem Aleichem's childhood."

Besides in 1950 there also was published in mimeograph form in Los Angeles Ch.'s "Der shturem, a play in two scenes" (1950, 20 pp.)

On 3 May 1953 through the "Yiddish Art Theatre" in the "Los Palmas" Theatre, under the direction of Benjamin Zemach, there was staged through the local "Yiddish Folksbiene" Ch.'s "Deg fun undzer lebn," which included his one-acter, "Partizanishe misye," "Pninh" (published in 1953 in "Yiddish Culture"), "Birger-papirin" and "Di brugze mume" (published  under the name, "A rugz-tants" in "Zamlungen" 1954), which also later was played in English.

On 3 May 1953 through the "Yiddish Children's Theatre in Los Angeles," under the direction of Yitskhok Rotblum, there was staged in the "Assistance League Playhouse" Ch.'s play, "Zog nit keynmol" (a play in two acts and five scenes), sets and costumes by Moi Solotaroff, music by Max Helfman, and dance by Ruth Zahava. (The play also was published in mimeograph form in 1953, 44 pp.)

In 1954 for the celebration of Jewish life in America, there was staged Ch.'s "A gezang tsu amerike," a play in two acts (published in mimeograph form in 1954, 15 pp.). In 1956 under the direction for Meir Eisenberg staged Ch.'s "Dos geshrey fun bikher," a play in two acts (published in mimeograph form in 1956, 15 pp.), and in April 1957 in Los Angeles there was staged in the "Embassy" Auditorium, under the direction of Herschel Bernardi, Ch.'s "In der doziker nakht fun pesakh" (published in mimeograph form in 1957, 11 pp.)

The "Yiddish Folksbiene" in Los Angeles, under the direction of Shimen Ruskin also staged Ch.'s dramatization, "Tevye der milkhiger un zayne tekhter (Teyve the Dairyman and His Daughters)," according to Sholem Aleichem.

In 1956 in the "Yiddish Culture" there was published Ch.'s one-acter, "Romeo and Juliet," which under the name, "Romeo un juliet in tserisene hoyzn" was played in Los Angeles's Jewish Community Theatre in Yiddish, and later in English and in a one-acter contest, receiving an award.

On 2 May 1958 the "Yiddish Folksbiene," under the direction of Benjamin Zemach (together with Shimen Ruskin), staged in Los Angeles in the "Assistance League Playhouse" Ch.'s "Di velt fun mendele mokher sforim," which under the name, "Der zayde r' mendele mokher sforim," which under the name, "Der zayde r' mendele" was published in "Yiddish Culture."

In 1958 in "Yiddish Culture" there was published Ch.'s play, "Di khelmer khokhemim," which was staged in Los Angeles' "Jewish Community Center" in Yiddish, and later also in English. The one-acter became endowed with a Community Center prize.

In a Hebrew journal, "Edn" in New York, there was also published (1925) Ch.'s two-act "Hkitnim hktnim," which was published in a Yiddish translation from a teacher in a Canadian Yiddish periodical publication.

Ch. also dramatized  for the radio his greatest works, such as "Labzik" and "Clinton Street," which were given for thirteen weeks on the Yiddish radio in New York.

Ch. had in manuscript a film about Uriel Acosta, and the drama "Der blinder shmid," which received a prize in Argentina, "Kenig shaul der tsveyter" and "Dos bet" (a drama in three acts).

Ch. P. had until today issued: "Chaver pavers meshelekh" (two volumes), "Fun yener zayt teich," "Labzik" (two volumes), "Klinton strit," "Tsen landslayt," "Lebns oyfn vogshol," "Vavik," "Biburim fun der nakht," "Zalman der shuster," and "Gershon meir dem blindns."

Ch.'s published plays:

1. G. Einbinder
Haman vil tsugnbenen dem groger
(one act)

2. Gershon Einbinder (Chaver-Paver)
Di fir zin fun der hagaddah
(one act)
("Children's Journal," N.Y., April 1925, pp. 28-89)

2a. Chaver-Paver
Di fir zin fun der hagaddah
(children's play)
"New Yiddish Folks-Shul Publishers," Vilna, 1930, 8 pp.)

3. Chaver-Paver
Sacco and Venzetti
(a play)
("Children's Journal," N.Y., May 1929, pp. 7-10)

4. Chaver-Paver
A gesheft hob ikh
(a play)
("Children's Journal," N.Y., June-July 1929, pp. 12-14)

4a. Vilna, "Grininke baymelekh," Publishers, 1936 (6 pp.)

4b. "Yungvarg," N.Y., January 1949, pp. 4-6)

5. Chaver Paver
Hold the Fort
(a play in four acts)
(published in "Der hamer," N.Y., June, July 1932)

6. Chaver Paver
Der pshuter moris garber
(published in "Der hamer," N.Y., February, March, April, May, June 1935)

7. Chaver Paver
Der mishpet iber der katz
("Youngvarg," N.Y., Sept. 1937, pp. 8-10, 13)

8. Chaver Paver
Der goldener barg
(a play in one act)
(published in "Der hamer," N.Y., January 1939)

9. Gershon Einbinder (Chaver-Paver)
Di yidishe froy fun minsk
(published in "New-Theatre," Buenos Aires, Sept. 1949, pp. 20-25)

10. Pninh
(one act)
by Chaver-Paver
("Yiddish Culture," N.Y., 1, 1953, pp. 24-28)

11. Chaver-Paver
A rugz-tants
(a play in one act)
("Zamlungen," New York, N' 4, 1954, pp. 124-28)

12. Romeo and Juliet
(a play in one act)
by Chaver-Paver
("Yiddish Culture," N.Y., 1, 1956, pp. 59-63)

13. Der zayde r' mendele
(a play in two acts and five scenes, based on Mendele Mokher Sforim's writings)
("Yiddish Culture," N.Y., 10, 1957, pp. 36-45, 1, 1958, pp. 40-45, 2. 1958, pp. 49-52)

14. Di khelmer khokhemim
(a play)
by Chaver-Paver
("Yiddish Culture," N.Y., 10 1958, pp. 28-32)

15. Motl Peisie dem khazans in amerike
by Sholem-Aleichem
dramatized by Chaver-Paver
("Zamlungen," N.Y., N' 18, 1959, pp. 15-28)

In Hebrew:

1. Hkitnim hktnim
Mkhzh bshti merkhut mat gershon einbinder
("Edn," N.Y., 3, 4, 1925)

M.E. and Sh. E.
M.E. from Sheftel Zak.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 4, page 3199.

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