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Moshe Dluznowsky


Born on 22 February 1906 in Tomaszow Mazowiecki , Poland, into a Chasidic family of small merchants. He received a religious Chasidic education in a cheder, Beit HaMedrash, later became  an auto-didact in secular studies. He completed a technical drawing course in a textile school, and for a time worked in a manufacturing factory in Tomaszow and in Lodz.

In 1930 he immigrated to France and until August 1939 was employed in Paris as a business traveler for a trade firm, receiving a possibility to become familiar with French-Jewish Life, and with the former historical centers of French-Jewish communities. During the Second World War he escaped from Hitler's nails by fleeing through Spain and Portugal to North Africa, and until the end of 1941 he lived in various towns of Morocco. At the end of 1941 he came to America, where at first he was employed by various crafts, and then (besides his writing career) he became a contributor for the press department of the "United Jewish Appeal."

When he was young D. began to write and debuted in 19254 in the "Lodz Folksblat," and since then he composed short stories, stories, articles, travel writings, novels, dramas, essays, children's stories and reportage in a few tens of Yiddish, as well as Hebrew periodical editions (see "Lexicon of the New Yiddish Literature").

 Since 1950 he has contributed for the New York "Forward," where he published novels, stories and articles, which were published in the Yiddish press in France, Canada, in Argentina. In book form there were until today published D.'s: "Dos rod fun mazel" (New York, 420 pp.), "A brunem baym veg" (Buenos Aires, 256 pp.), "Bnut khdr" (Hebrew translation of his Yiddish drama "Dem teers tekhter," Jerusalem, 310 pp.), which in 1959 was published in London in the English translation of Joseph Leftvitsh in the same year in Spanish in Buenos Aires, translated by Svana Zafran, "Der roytvagon" (Buenos Aires, 160 pp.), where also were his two plays: "Di eynzame shif" and "Der bshmim-sukhr fun safi." In 1958 in Buenos Aires there was published his novel, "Vi a boym in feld," and in 1963, there, his novel, "Vintmiln." A great number of stories and articles were also published in English.

R. also wrote the play, "Der kontsenmakher," made into scenes from his novel, "Mentshn un maskes,' which were staged on 3 July 1959 in the professional Yiddish "Teatro Mitre" in Buenos Aires, and the play not performed, "Der banket." about Jewish life in America.

D.'s play "Di eynzame shif (The Lonesome Ship)," under the direction of David Licht, on 1 December 1956 was staged through the "Folksbiene" in New York and evoked a great press (reaction), and played until the end of March 1959. The same play, also under the stage direction of David Licht, on 14 April 1957 was staged in a professional Yiddish "Soleil Theatre" in Buenos Aires, and played there for three months' time, and on 14 August 1958 the play was performed in Mexico under the direction of Ezra Hrri of the local amateurs for a span of three months' time.

On 28 April 1958 the play in English was staged through Maurice Schwartz in Los Angeles in the "Ivar" Theatre, and on 17 June 1961 the play in Yiddish, under the direction of Ida Kaminska, was staged in the Jewish State Theatre in Warsaw, Pland, then in other cities of Poland.

On 22 May 1961 Max Berliner staged in Buenos Aires in the "Avraham Goldfaden" Theatre a one-acter, "Maskes," dramatization of D.'s story.

On 10 November 1962 the "Folksbiene" in New York staged under the direction of David Licht, D.'s comedy-drama in three acts, "Der elfter yerusha (The Eleventh Inheritor)," which on weekends played until 17 March 1963.

In August 1948 on WNBC radio in New York, there was staged in English a children's play, "The Silver Beler," dramatized through the journal, "World Over," from D.'s story.

In 1955 David Licht staged in Buenos Aires the one-acter, "Di ganef (The Thief)," his dramatization of D.'s story.

For his one-acter, "The Penitent," D. received a prize of a "blue ribbon" from the West Side Yiddish Community Center in Los Angeles.

D. also dramatized several radio dramas from his novels, of which "Der falsher mishpat" (published in the "Forward"), under the direction of Osip Dymow, was staged on Sundays during the "Forward Radio Hour" from December 1952 until January 1954 (and later the author adapted it as a drama, "Der bshmim-sokhr fun safi"; "A House on West End Avenue" (published in the "Forward"), under the direction of Osip Dymow, on the same program. From October 1956 until May 1958.

D.'s published plays:

1. Di eynzame shif
a drama in three acts, nine scenes
(published in Moshe Dluznowsky's "Harbst in vayngartn," Buenos Aires, 1956, pp. 147-241.

2. Der bshmim-sokhr fun Safi
a drama in three acts, eight scenes
(published, same, pp. 243-321)

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 4, page 3653.

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