Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Miriam Elias


E. was born --according to her-- in 1897 in Zhvanets, near Kamenets Podolsk, Ukraine.

Her father was the local rabbi in the span of some ten years.

After finishing a folkshul and the Hebrew Talmud Torah, E. settled into her studies in Hebrew and in a gymnasium in Kamenets Podolsk.

While in her younger years, Moshe Richter staged in her birth town "Hertsele myukhs", in which she also acted. Then she directed a Yiddish dramatic club until she entered into a Russian professional troupe.

In 1916 she went to Moscow and entered into a Hebrew troupe "Habima", where she performed as "Khanan" in Anski's "Der dybuk (The Dybbuk)", and at the same time she learned privately with Stanislavski and Vakhtangov.

In 1923 she came to America, and made a concert tour across the land and afterwards became one of the chief performers in the "Unzer Theatre" in New York, where she debuted as "The Rabbi's Wife" in Anski's "Tog un nakht (Day and Night)".


In 1925-26 she was engaged by the Yiddish Art Theatre (Director -- Schwartz), where she acted in Zhulasky's "Shabtai tsvi", Toller's "Hinkemann (The Bloody Laughter)", Peretz Hirshbein's "Der shmids tekhter (The Blacksmith's Daughters)", Sholem Asch's "A shnirl perl (A String of Pearls)" and S. Yushkevich's "Der luft mentsh (The Air Head?)".

In 1928-29 she again acted with the Yiddish Art Theatre, and here among the other roles she performed were:
"Der magid (The Preacher)" in Asch-Schwartz's "Kidush Hashem", and as "Pesenyu (Pesse)" in Schwartz's modernization of Gordin's "God, Man and Devil".

On 11 January 1927 E. (together with Baruch Aronson) directed with the "Kunst-Ring" in the "Dos naye yidishe art teater (New Yiddish Art Theatre)" Moishe Nadir's "Di tragedye fun gornist (The Tragedy of Nothing)".

In 1930 she traveled to Europe on a concert tour, while at the same time performing in an English recitation evening in London, returning to New York in 1931.

E. was the wife of painter Baruch Aronson.

Sh. E.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1568.

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