Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Itzhak Grudberg
(Yitzhak-Ber Turkow)


Born on 12 January 1906 in Warsaw, Poland. Brother of Zygmunt and Jonas Turkow. He learned in a cheder-mtukn and with his brother Zygmunt. He completed two classes of Krinski's gymnasium, and four classes of the graduation courses of Rozenfeld's gymnasium. He learned in the roof school of Czestochowa and worked on the Chalutsim farms of Mnishev and Grokhov. Becoming excited about the unionist-socialist worker's movement, G. once was secretary of the Right Poalei Zion Youth Organization, and co-editor of its monthly journal "Arbeter-Yungt".

In 1924 he participated in an episodic role in the film "Tkyes khf", did technical-literary work, and was technical editor for "Yidishe bine" (organ of the Artist's Union). In 1925 there was published in the theatre section of the "Literarisher bleter" interviews and characteristics of actors, short reviews, etc. In June 1925 he joined in the itinerant troupe of Zygmunt Turkow and Ida Kaminska, performing in the Kalich as "Der yunger" in Sofia Belaya's play "Ven der teyvl lakht", at the end of 1925 he joined Herman's studio, and went over to "Azazel", which he soon left, and joined in the itinerant troupe of Jonas Turkow. For the winter season1926-7 G. arranged in "Vikt" and acted in Warsaw and on a tour across Poland. After acting for a short time with Lidia Potatska in Warsaw, G. joined in "Azazel" as a conference attendee, and when the troupe disbanded, G. went in January 1928 to Vlotslavek, where he became regisseur in the society .

"Yidishe bine". Then G. returned to "Azazel", and in the summer he went with the "Warsaw Yid. Art. Vinkele" as a guest-star to Vilna-Bialystok. 1928-9 G. acted in the troupe of his brother Zygmunt and Ida Kaminska.

Besides this, G. had several translations of novels, also published under the pseudonym of Y. B. T. in "Haynt", January 1926 in several hmshkhim a short biography of Esther Rukhl Kaminska.

G. composed the four-act drama "Dos gihnum" (performed by Jonas Turkow), adapted according to Dymov's subject "Der krbn", a drama in four acts (performed by "Vikt"), and translated the following plays: "Baginen, tog un nakht" by Nikodes, "Di gril oyfn vizn" by Dickens, according to Yushkevitsh's dramatization, "Di domantishe nakht" by Bokhvits, (staged in 1925 in Vilna by Ida Kaminska), "Morpheum" by Hertser (performed by "Vikt" in Warsaw), "Di kinder-tragedye" by Karl Shenher, "Dos" by Shenher, "Hinkeman" by Toller, "Wolf" by Romain Rolland (performed by "Vikt" in Warsaw), "Dos rod fun kreyd" by Klaubund, "Fun frimorgen biz halber nakht" (performed in 1927 in Krakow's Yiddish theatre), "Peg, meyn lebn", "Tovarishtsh" by Leonard, "Periferye" by Langer, "Krankheyt fun der yungt" by Brikner, and "Tauh" by O'Neill (performed during the Kaminski-Turkow tour in 1928).

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 1, page 528.

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