Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Professor Jacoby

Under this pseudonym there were performed plays of various authors. The theatres often uses to specify this name on a play, to "declare respect" for the native, ordinary theatre audience. It was used often when a known playwright was [willing to endure=gevolt oysbahaltn] with a shund play. Sometimes again the author's creation was performed that way  almost to avoid author's royalties. It has also occurred that when a troupe comes [to perform] a legally rewritten play by an anonymous author, it would be advertised as a work of "Professor Jacoby of London".

Thus on 11 December 1896 in New York's Thalia Theatre there was staged "Di geheyminise fun london", an operatic tragedy in five acts from Prof. Jacoby of London.

In November 1901 in the Thalia Theatre there was staged the play "America, by Professor Jacoby", as B. Gorin states resolutely, the play was written by Jacob Gordin.

On 29 December 1905 there was staged in New York's Kalich Theatre "Di leyb sfardi, oder, der yid in sobieski's tseyt, an historical opera by Professor Jacoby", with Zigmunt Feinman in the title role. Later, that play was staged under the name "Shabbat Kodesh, by Zigmunt Feinman", and also under that name was published in print.

In October 1906 in the Kalich Theatre there was staged "Di shtile katunah", a lebensbild in four acts by Professor Jacoby."

On 27 December 1907 in the Kalich Theatre there was staged "Di almnh, a great comedic operetta in four acts by Professor Jacoby of London, music by Perlmutter and Wohl".

On 24 January 1908 in Adler's Grand Theatre there was staged by Adler "Der shturm in der familye, a folkshtik in four acts by Prof. Jacoby, libretto by Sh. Shmulevitsh, music by Brody.

On 7 February 1908 in the Kalich Theatre there was staged "Di nekome fun a froy", by Prof. Jacoby, music by Perlmutter and Wohl".

On 23 August 1919 in Lemberg there was staged "Di veyse shklafin, by Prof. Jacoby", though the play was written by Isidore Zolotarevsky.

In 1926 the play was published in the Warsaw publishing house of Sh. Goldfarb: "Professor Jacoby. Di veyse shklafin, a drama in four acts" [48 p., 16].

On 11 April 1924 in Brooklyn's Liberty Theatre there was staged with Frances Adler "Amerikaner khasunut, in four acts by Jacoby, music by Joseph Brody" [Warsaw lekh "Der shturm in der familye"].

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2,  page 923.

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