Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Daniel Leibel


Born on 20 November 1891 in Dembitz, Eastern Galicia, as the son of a khubbtsion and meshkil. From age four until thirteen, he learned in a cheder in Dembitz and Tarnow, where the family moved to in 1899. Here L. also completed two classes of the Polish folkshul, privately learned Hebrew and general subjects. 1909 -- he entered into the fifth class gymnasium, but in a year left due to family reasons. At first, in 1914, he matu?irt as an extern and began to study jurisprudence in the Vienna university, but quickly he cast aside his courses and then served two years in the Austrian military.

As a young person, he drew nearer to the Poalei Zion circles, and took an active part in the party, mainly during the Austrian election i n1910, when there a struggle was led against the Yiddishist.

At sixteen he had already written songs and took to Yiddish and Hebrew philology, debuting first in 1913 with an article in the "Yudisher arbeyter" (Vienna). March 1919 -- he settled in Warsaw, where worked with, also under a pseudonym, in all Poalei Zion editions, of which he edited several, and L. had also written many articles about Yiddish language, also orthography and literature, and was a teacher in the teacher's courses and i the teacher's seminary of Tsish'a. Due to a press process, he left Poland in 1924, and after staying for eight months in Berlin, he settled in Eretz Yisrael, where he was a corrector in "Dbr" (the Hebrew organ for "Histadrus").


At the same time, one of the leaders of the left Poalei Zion in A'y, and also there was active in the struggle for the rights of the Yiddish language.

In "Yudisher arbeyter" (Vienna, 1918), L. published in his translation of the first act of Morris Konopnicka's dramatic poem "Prometheus and Sisyphus", which was later staged by "amateurs" in Tarnow.

In 1921 in Warsaw's publishing house "Di tseyt", there was published L.'s translation of Stanisław Wyspiański's drama "Daniel", which in January 1927 [for the first time in general on a stage] was staged in Krakow's Yiddish theatre under the direction of Antoni Piekarski.

In 1922 in Warsaw's publishing house "Arbeter-heym", there was published L.'s translation of Stanisław Wyspiański's tragedy "Di rikhter", which in January 1927 was staged in Krakow's Yiddish theatre.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1057.

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