Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Ola Lilith
(Lola Tsederboym)


L. was born on 15 November 1906 in Warsaw, Poland. Her father was a house owner. She is descended from Akiva Eger and is a relative of Elchasnador Tsederboym, editor of "HaMelitz". She completed the philological gymnasium of Pozner in Warsaw. She was a member of the artists commission in the gymnasium, and she participated in the productions and singing roles, accompanying herself. Later she participated in the productions of "Maccabee" and "Sport-yungt (Sport Youth)".

Performing in a concert in 1925 in Otvotsk, she became aroused about the possibility of the actor Boronski of "Qui Pro Quo", and there entered under the name of Tsederovska, performing  in solos and duets with Hanush and Makhevsky.

On 2 February 1926 she began to act under the name of "Olia Lilit" in the Yiddish small arts stage "Azazel", of which she is a co-founder.

After acting for a season in Warsaw, she went on a tour across the larger cities of Poland, then again she acted in Warsaw, leaving "Azazel" and she began to perform in Poland with independent concerts (together with Wladislaw Godik). In 1930 she returned  to Warsaw, where she performed again in her own concerts, and after a new tour across Poland, she traveled together with Nozyk to Western Europe, where they performed in concerts (for a certain time together with Boris Thomashefsky 


and Ruth Rene) in Czechoslovakia, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland and England.

In 1931 she came to America and in March 1931 she performed in a concert in New York. After a series of concerts in New York, and after several cities in America, L. became (together with Willy Godik) became engaged in New York's Kessler's Second Avenue Theatre, where she acted on 12 September 1931 in the title role of "The Girl From Warsaw" (libretto by Menachem and Benjamin Ressler, music by Joseph Rumshinsky), and then in Gottesfeld's musical comedy "Pleasure" (music by Joseph Rumshinsky).

Appearing in the theatre, L. returned for a short time to her small-arts concerts on the Yiddish stage, but she soon became engaged as a guest-star concertist (in the English language) in the English R.K.O. circuit, and in which she acted for several months across America and she traveled to Europe, guest-starring on the local Yiddish stage.

M. E.

  • Teatrikon -- Hoplya mir lebn, "Unzer ekspres", Warsaw, 21 August 1929.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1088.

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