Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Paula Lubelska


Born in 1902 in Warsaw, Poland, into a musical family. As a child L. acted in children's roles in "Dos yidishe harts" and "Der fremder" in Simon's Passage Theatre. In 1922 L. immigrated to Paris and joined, earlier as a chorister, later as a soloist in "Hazamir", and then performed in concerts in a theatre and folk songs.

Through the initiative of the editor Frank, she became engaged as a prima donna in a local Yiddish theatre under the direction of Moshe Burstein. Then she acted for a long time with her cousins Adolf and Herman Fenigstein, and in the troupes of A. G. Kompaneyets and Henry Lachtiger. In the troupes she had the opportunity to perform together with the American guest stars Michal Michalesko, Jacob Ben-Ami, Berta Gerstin, Pesach'ke Burstein, Hymie Prizant and Betty Kenig, later also as "Tsiviya" in Y. Y. Singer's "Yoshe Kalb" with Maurice Schwartz.

In 1935 L. arrived in America and acted for three seasons in the Parkway Theatre under the direction of Jacobs, Goldberg and Birnbaum.

In 1937 L. became a member of the Yiddish Actors Union.

In 1939 she acted in Brooklyn's Hopkinson Theatre with Simon Wolf, Max Wilner and Seymour Rexsite, later in the Second Avenue Theatre with Menasha Skulnik in Siegel's musical

 comedy "Freylekh zal zeyn", then in the National Theatre with Aron Lebedeff, in the Clinton Theatre with Israel Rosenberg and Viera Rosanka, and in the Bronx Art Theatre with Annie Cherniak.

L. acted across the province, such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Providence, Lynn, Chelsea, Montreal (Canada) and also many cities of the United States, with Aron Lebedeff and Michal Michalesko and dedicated herself completely to a unusual repertoire of theatre, in folk songs in the winter time in Miami and in the summer in the summer hotels in the mountains.

L. also acted in the Yiddish films "Eli, Eli" by Yitzhak Frankel, and "Di heyntike mames (Mothers of Today)" by Simon Wolf (with Esther Field in the main role), and in Sholem Aleichem's "Tuviya der milkhiger (Tevye the Milkman)" (role of "Tseytl") with Maurice Schwartz.

Her brother, Philip Mark, was a Yiddish performer.

Sh. E. form Mordecai Yachson.

  • Sholem Perlmutter -- Vos hert zikh in nyu yorker idishn teater?, "Di idishe velt", Philadelphia, 18 October 1935.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 3, page 2212.

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