Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Julius Michaelson
(Yehudah Mikhelzohn)


Born on 11 July 1883 in Riga, Lettland (Latvia). Father -- a lumber merchant. He learned in a cheder, yeshiva in Ponevizh (Lithuania), scholarly work for himself alone.

At the age of thirteen he arrived in America, where he entered into a dramatic club, then founded the "Hamlet Dramatic Club", for which he wrote and directed several plays, and at the same time he was an understudy in the professional Yiddish theatre, then he was engaged in the professional theatre in Montreal (Canada) in father roles. After acting there for season, he toured with various itinerant troupes across the American province and came back to New York, where he entered into the vaudeville houses, for which he wrote sketches and acted in them.

He became a member of the Yiddish Actors Union, and M. acted for four seasons in Harlem's Lenox Theatre, two seasons in Baltimore and then in Detroit.

M. (together with Harry Landman) wrote the plays "Di opgenarte froy" (performed in Harlem's Lenox Theatre), "Der shtumer edut" (staged in Williamsburg's Lyric Theatre), and by himself he wrote: "Der veybersher kongres" (performed across the American province), "Der nekoyfter man" (staged in the Lenox Theatre), "Elende kinder" (staged on 27 September 1927 in the Lyric Theatre), "Di froy batsolt, a melodrama" (staged by Nathan Goldberg on 6 January 1928 in the Bronx's Prospect Theatre),

"Der orimer milyoner, a musical comedy, music  -- A. Perlmutter" (staged by Nathan Goldberg on 9 March 1928 in Brooklyn's Hopkinson Theatre). The same play in 1930-31 ws performed in Europe by Misha Fishzon under the name "Der milyoner oyf tsurus" and "Shver tsu zayn a kbtsn". Then: "Der prints fun pitkin evenyu, a comedy. Music -- A. Perlmutter" (staged by Anshel Schorr on 23 March 1928 in Brooklyn's Liberty Theatre), "A maydl fun haynt, in three acts" (soon changed the name to "Shklafn fun libe", staged on 15 September 1928 in the Lyric Theatre with Bessie Frank), "Alemens gelibte, a melodrama, music -- F Laskovsky (staged by Nathan Goldberg on 6 November 1929 in the Prospect Theatre).

Since 1932, M. can be found in Los Angeles, where he performs on Radio in his own sketches.

M.'s wife, Esther Glickman, acts on the Yiddish stage.

  • L. Fogelman -- Di naye piese in liberty teater, "Forward", N. Y., 30 March 1928.

  • M. V. -- "Der milyoner oyf tsurus", komedye in 3 aktn fun yulius mekelzon "Czernowitzer bleter", 66, 1930.

  • Spektator [N. Frank] -- Der milyoner oyf tsurus, "Parizer haynt", 27 May 1930.

  • Elchanan Zeitlin -- Notitsen fun teater, "Unzer ekspres", Warsaw, 9 February 1931.

  • Teatroman -- Shver tsu zeyn a kbtsn, "Hayntige gayes", Warsaw, 12 February 1931.

  • M. Kipnis -- "Shver tsu zeyn a kbtsn", "Haynt", Warsaw, 12 February 1931.

  • A. Grafman -- In kaminski's teater, "Moment", Warsaw, 13 February 1931.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1307.

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