Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Mark Myodovnik


M. was born in 1870 in Bendin, Petrikov Gubernia, Poland.

From childhood on M. manifested an interest in badkhanim and marriage motifs. Under the influence of the Broder Singers, M. put together for Purim 1888 a purimshpiel with other youths, which had a great success and made him popular in the city. Gelis, who traveled through Bendin with his troupe, took him in and from theer M. went over to the troupe of Kaminski, where he acted in women's roles. Later he toured with Shtumakher's troupe he acted in Yiddish-German theatre under difficult conditions.

In 1899 M. performed together with the Broder Singers in Krakow with the director Kener, 1902 with Fishzon, 1907-8 as the first comic with Julius Adler, then in London, Paris, Vienna and Berlin.

In wartime, M. toured with a collective under his direction to Siberia and the Urals.

During the October Revolution (1918), M. worked in Kremenchug in the state theatre. In 1919 he was in Poltava with Zaslavsky. In 1920 he was regisseur in Sebezh, in the state collective. In 1922, he was a [polotsk] in the Politprosoviet. In 1923 he was in the Minsk State Theatre with Brandesco and then in the club "Kim", in a club of the transport workers and in a club of the [shpeyzler] until July 1927. In 1928 M. worked in a collective "Arbeter-bine", which he had organized.

On 8 October 1928 in Minsk he became celebrated during his forty-year stage jubilee.

M. wrote the plays "Zalmen engel, a revolutionary drama in three acts", "Di erd brent, a play of [birger-krig] in three acts", and he translated "Der doktor fun untern shtekn" by Moliere, "Khaer tsantskin, in four acts" by Popov, and "Shvartser holztukh, in three acts and six scenes" by Boris Vaks.

M. also works from time to time in clubs and in "Bielgoskino".

M. had published in the Minsk journal "Shtern" (1, 2-3, 4, 1926) his memoirs about the theatre (written by L. Dushman).

Sh. E. from  Mark Leyptsiker.

  • Mark abramovitsh myodovnik (flugblat lkbud zeyn yubiley)

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1289.

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