Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Sholem Pinkus


Born on 27 March 1888 in Pietrkow, Poland, to pious parents. His father was an employee of a contractor.

At the age of five he moved with his parents to Lodz, where he learned until age fourteen in cheders and Yeshivas, and privately -- secular studies.

Often attending theatres of various languages, there came to him a desire for the stage, and in 1906 there was staged Gordin's "Khasya the Orphan" [he was cast as "Motye Shtreykhel"] in Lodz's Grand Theatre in an amateur production organized by the "Bund".  1907 -- he was a co-founder of the "Dramatishe kunst (Dramatic Arts)", and under the direction of Mark Arnstein he participated in the production of "Dos eybike lid" by Arnstein (role of "Gershon"), "Der get" (by Sholem Aleichem) ("Reuben Hersh"), "Moshiakh's tseytn" by Asch ("R' Khanan), and "Di kreytser sonata" by Gordin ("Efrim fidler"). When in the same year there was founded in the adjacent city Pabienice a division of the Lodz "Dramatic Arts", P. became the artistic director and there put out the aforementioned Arnstein productions, as well as Pinski's "Di familye tsvi".

Professionally, he began in 1908 in Spivakovski's troupe in Romny


Poltava Gubernia). In the summer of 1909  he entered into the "Hirshbein troupe" as an actor and assistant stage director, but due to military service he was forced to interrupt his acting work.

In 1912 P. participated in Lodz and later in a tour across Russia, in the Hebrew productions of the "Habima HaIvrit", under the direction of Itzhak Katzenelson in Gutskov's "Uriel Acosta", Herzl's "Dos neye geto (The New Ghetto)", and Katzenelson's "Mekhirat yosef (The Sale of Joseph)". Then he acted in the Yiddish troupes of Sam Adler, Genfer and Lipovski. 1915 -- with Lipovski's troupe in Kharbin, 1916 -- returned to Russia and acted with Zhitomirsky in Moscow.

After the February Revolution in 1917, P. participated in the founding of the artist's union, and he became active as a member of the management. Later he founded a few theatre studios in several cities of Poltava Gubernia, and after the passing of his wife, Viera Podolska, he organized in Zinovievsk (Yelizavetgrad) a state dramatic theatre which disbanded in 1921. After P. acted in Moscow and Leningrad, and in 1924 with Libert and Rakitin. 1925  together with Grinshteyn and Antsharov -- founded the "Amkho" troupe, with which he acted also acting in a directed collective, and in the span of three years time, across many cities of the Ukraine. 1928 -- together with his wife Genia Shalit -- toured across Russia with guest-starring  Julius Adler. 1929 -- he acted in the theatre of small forms "Gezkult", and then he moved across to Kiev into the state pedagogical, educational theatre for children "Tyug".

Sh. E. from Mark Leiptziker.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 3, page 1807.

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