Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Esther Rabiner


R. was born on 18 March 1898 in Russia. Her father was a rabbi.

After her father's death, the family: he mother, two brothers and R. came to America. Both brothers became students. Hershl (Harry) finished as a public accountant, and Yakov Leybush for a long time was a teacher in New York's Sholem Aleichem School 6., and in the middle school, and he graduated from City College with a Bachelor's degree. He further studied and went on to get his doctorate, but his umgerikhter death (28 October 1948) hot es ibergerisn.

R. studied in a Yiddish teacher's seminary, and after finishing , she became a Yiddish teacher, at first in the Sholem Aleichem schools, then in the folks shul of the Yiddish National Worker's Union, where she learned until the end of June 1949. During vacation time, she became deeply ill and underwent an operation, and in 5 August 1941 she passed away in New York.

R. wrote a number of plays and dramatizations, of which "Shoyn eynmol a sukhh", "Tsvey shlkh-mnusn", "Pesach tsum seder" and "Kenig un folk" were published in New York's "Kinder zhurnal (Children's Journal)" and were staged by various school activities in a Yom Tov school in entirely Yiddish schools.

R.'s published plays were:

  • Shoyn eynmol a sukhh, a one-acter in three scenes, from Sholem Aleichem, dramatized by Esther Rabiner. ["Children's Journal", N. Y., October 1929, pp. 5-7].

  • Tsvey shlkh-mnusn, a Purim shpiel in four scenes by Sholem Aleichem , dramatized by Esther Rabiner.
    ["Children's Journal", N. Y., February 1931, pp. 1-3].

  • Pesach tsum seder, a children's play in three scenes according to three yom-tov meshyus by Sholem Aleichem, freely adapted and dramatized by Esther Rabiner. ["Children's Journal", N. Y., March 1932, pp. 10-14].

  • Kenig un folk, a play in three scenes with a prologue. According to the poem "Der shlekhter kenig" by L. Miller. Dramatized and adapted  by Esther Rabiner. ["Children's Journal", N. Y., January 1933, pp. 12-14].

Sh. E. by Lipe Lehrer.

  • [--] -- Esther Rabiner, "Kinder zhurnal", N. Y., October 1941.

  • [--] --  Yakov Leybush Rabiner, "E"h, "Kinder zhurnal", N. Y., November 1948.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 4, page 3176.

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