Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Adolf (Aaron) Rosenblum


Born circa 1850 in Iasi, Romania, as an only son to well-to-do parents. Father --  a farm owner. He learned in a cheder and also secular subjects: Romanian, German and French. Possessing a beautiful voice, he sang with a cantor.

He became caught up in Goldfaden's productions and at first was associated with Mogulesko's troupe, then became, with Segalesko's, director of the "Zhignitsa" in Bucharest, while at the same time also acting, especially in several roles as "Absalom" in "Shulamis", "Mordechai" in "Ahasuerus", "Der foter (The father)" in "Krbn beyram", and the lover in the then successful play "Meshugene oys libe".

In 1892 he became an independent director for the then large theatre stages in Iasi, the circus "Sidali", where he directed, for the first time, "Ahasuerus" ("Haman" performed by his wife, Betty, and the role of "Esther" by his eleven-year-old daughter Liza (later Silbert). Then he acted in Yiddish theatre for a year in Constantinople, broke (reyst) over due to the war with the Armenians, brought the troupe over to Egypt (Alexandria and Cairo), where he performed for several weeks, and after the marriage of his daughter Liza to the actor Jacob Zilbert (Silbert), they formed a partnership. They acted thereafter in concerts, from there returning to Constantinople, again Alexandria and Cairo, and R. remained with a troupe for a year acting in Cairo.


He was brought with his wife through Silberts to America, [where] R. performed in Chicago with Glickman as the comic in "Di goldene medina", then he went to act with his family in Boston in the "Hope" Theatre. Due to a conflict with his father-in-law, he performed outside the troupe and there took over the "Columbia" Theatre, but in the competition he lost his entire assets and performed again in his father-in-law's troupe and remained to act for ten years on the Yiddish stage in America.

R. was a co-founder of the Actors Union, Local 2.

For a long time he was retired from acting, and on 30 April 1919 he passed away in New York.

M. E. from his daughter Liza Silbert..






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 6, page 5040.

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