Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Lipman Sokolov


S. was born in 1888 in Ivanitse, near Priluky, Poltava Gubernia, Ukraine. His father was a private lawyer. After his death, the family moved to Priluky. Here S. learned in the local school, then with a melamed. Due to his family's poverty, he wound up in the former newly founded trade school, where he learned general subjects and also a trade. Here S. learned carpentry. A short time later he was an employee in a colonial store, while at the same time he began to act in Ukrainian with the local "amateurs," and then he entered into the Russian dramatic troupe of A. L. Mirolyubov, who acted in Poltava Gubernia. Over eight months he acted in that troupe under the direction of Ipolytov-Andryev and Y. Byelokin, but when the troupe toured in order to act in other places, in which he found himself outside the YJewish domain, S. in 1906 joined the Yiddish troupe of Genfer.

Acting in various Yiddish troupes of Russia, S. was from the first Yiddish actors in Europe to act in literary repertoire, and also had the first performance on the Yiddish stage in Europe "Unzer gloybn" by Sholem Asch, "Gesheft iz gesheft" by Oscar Mirbeau and "Oyfn teyr" by Kazinitz.

In 1919 he had founded the "Yiddish Dramatic Theatre of Lita (Lithuania)," and as artistic leader he directed a large part of Gordin-Kobrin-Asch-Hirshbein repertoire, as well as translations of European languages.


In 1925 he guest-starred in Argentina's Yiddish theatre, then again acted in Poland, and in August 1928 he guest-starred again in Argentina, and then in Brazil. In 1929  he returned to Poland, where he acted for a short time. Then in 1930 he guest-starred in Antwerp, then in Paris and London. In 1931 he again for a short time guest-starred in Argentina, and then returned to Western Europe, where he acted until today, especially in Lita (Lithuania).

S. also participated in Hebrew in Asch's "Ytsa vkhzr," in Arnstein's "Hshir hntskhi", and he often performed (in costume and live), and I. L. Gurdun's "Tsdkihu bbis hpkidus."

He also participated in the films "Chasia the Orphan" and Jacob Gordin (role of "Vladimir") in "Yeshiva bukher" from Zolotarevsky ("Avigdurl").

S. married the actress Ninina, a daughter of the actors A. G. and Leah Kompaneyets.

Sh. E.

M. E. from Esther Lipovska.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2, page 1456.

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