Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Israel Tsinberg


Born in 1873 in a village near Lonovits, Volin.

His father was a well-to-do [pakhter], an author and a follower? [farerer] of Spinoza.

T. had as a youth excelled with his abilities and perseverance.

He finished in Karlsrie the Politechnium as a chemical engineer, and in Basel received the title of Doctor of Philosophy.

In 1898 he settled in Petersburg as a laboratory manager for Putilover (later Kirovner) Zavod until his arrest in 1938.

He debuted in Yiddish in 1900 with the popular [visnshaftlekher] brochure "Vos tut zikh oyf der velt" (given out via the weekly page "Der yud", Krakow), while at the same time during his first week in Russian "Itzhak ber levinson" (Petersburg, pp. 75) he became a co-worker in the Russian-Yiddish periodical, where he published important works and monographs about Yiddish literature and other historical farce works. He staged [oysfirlekh] about his creations [shafenungen] in Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian volume of the "Lexicon of the New Yiddish Literature".

His crown work, [vos aiz nit nor] the first in his field, but is a [ykhd bmynu], is his nine-volume "History of the Literature of Jews", [dos aiz aroys] in several [oyflages], and also in Hebrew.

Sh. E.

 In his work about the sixteen-volume Russian-Yiddish "Yevreyskaya Encyclopedia" (Petersburg, 1908-1913), he had also an important work about the Yiddish drama.

T. had [aiber gelozt] a manuscript about old Yiddish theatre up until Avraham Goldfaden, for whom only a chapter "Gylgulim fun akhshurush 'shpil" was published in "Tsukunft", N'1, 923 in "Bicher-velt" (Warsaw, N'1, and 3, 1929). T. published a farce work about the history of the Yiddish folk-drama, a review of Dr. Shiper's theatre history.

In his sixth volume, T. brought forth a fragment of an earlier variation of "Mlucht shul vgm ekdt itzhak (King Solomon and the Sacrifice of Isaac) (Vilna, 1975).

In the eleventh chapter of the same volume, T. wrote about Goldfaden's repertory.

At the end of 1938, T. was arrested and sent to Vladivostok. He became sick in the lungs and was in difficult shape. He was taken into the camp hospital and there succumbed in January 1939.

{Vi hll] Aleksandrov, T's archive was preserved in the Leningrad department of the Institute for the [felker] of  [ayns] for the [visnshaftlekhe] academy, and there [zoln zikh] was found 630 archival [eynsn].

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 7, page 6208.

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