Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


Ayzik Vaynstok

 Born on 24 December 1890 in Yagelnitza (Jagielnica), Eastern Galicia, into a mashkhil-Orthodox home. He learned until age fifteen in a cheder, and at the same time in a Baron Hirsch folkshul. Feeling a narrow intellect in Yagelnitza, V. traveled to Czernowitz, where he entered into the business school. However he also didn't find himself here in a gymnasium, in this connection suffering poverty and hardships. A short time later V. traveled to Vienna, where he learned in a "report lyceum" Here he began to correspond in Krakow's "Tog", under the direction of Yonah Krepl, and when the newspaper turned over the management authority for the Galician simulators(?), Dr. Levenshteyn -- V. went over to the "Lemberg tagenblat".

1911 -- V. arrived in Lemberg and became in this "Togblat" an internal co-worker until the outbreak of the World War At the end of 1919 he again entered into editing, where he worked until his last days.

V. was secretary of the Yiddish Literature and Journalism Club in Lemberg.

Becoming more acquainted with and nearer to the Lemberg Yiddish theatre, V. wrote the following plays: "Der yom-kdin", a folkshtik in four acts with a prologue, which became a hit in Lemberg and also became performed very often across the Galician province; "Der nayer dur", a drama in four acts, "Di shreklekhe udoy", a drama, and the one-acter "Der yunger kemfer" -- all acted with material success.

V. also translated for Lemberg's Yiddish theatre, where he was a prompter for a certain time, Schiller's "Robbers" and "Maria Stuart" and Shakespeare's "Shylock" and "Macbeth".

V. was a member of the Yiddish worker's stage "Jacob Gordin", and had performed for the Lemberg artists at the Yiddish Artists Conference in Warsaw.

On 16 May 1922, V. passed away in Lemberg.

After V.'s death, there was performed in Lemberg his operetta "Unzer mogen dovid" (music by Chone Wolfstal).

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 1, page 689.

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