Lives in the Yiddish Theatre


"Peretz Theatre"

According to programs [owned by Z. Zylbercweig], there had already existed a "Peretz Theatre" in Paris, on the Rue de Prague 9.

On 9 October 1915 there was staged there Gordin's "God, Man and Devil"; on 10 October -- Cherikov's "Yidn", later, with the participation of the guest-starring Fannie Waxman, Emil Zola's "Teresa Raquin"; on 31 October -- Kobrin's [Kornblit's] "Dos getlekhe lid", and on 7 November -- Sh. Barber's "Der sud fun a froy".

The literary (repertoire) commission consisted of: N. Tasin, L. Cheskis, M. Yarblum, A. Rozenfeld, A. Pik, A. Pan, Samuel Krasinski, Y. Rashkes and M. Sheyn. Director: Itzhak Rirakhovski (a well-known personality in the Paris artistic circles); regisseurs -- Y. Rirakhovski and A. Glikman; prompter: Y. Laks.

According to the information that Itzhak Laks turned over to Z. Zylbercweig, Itzhak Rirakhovski first in 1916 [according to the programs, there evidently was a mistake in Lak's facts] began to become interested with Yiddish theatre, and thanks to his initiative, there was founded a society with the objective of opening a Yiddish literary theatre under the name "Peretz Theatre".

In the repertoire commission there were included: Lazavski, Cheskis, Rozenfeld, Itzhak Laks, Petkis, and they also had aroused Leon Trotsky, who then issued in Paris his newspaper "Natshalo" [the journalist N. Frank denied categorically the participation of Trotsky].

All the Yiddish actors were engaged, who had then been found in Paris. The plan was to stage Peretz's "In polish oyf der keyt", but the first production that was performed was Peretz's "Amol iz geven a mlkh".

Despite all efforts and invocations, the Jewish society in Paris remained cold to the attempt, and the deficit increased. Several members of the troupe tore themselves loose and created a shund theatre under the name "Dos pintele yid". The theatre existed for barely two months, then it closed.

M. E. from Itzhak Laks.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 3,  page 1897.

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