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Yiddish Artists and Friends, Inc.
(Our Chicagoans)



presently "Yiddish Artists and Friends"

From right to left: First row: Louis Freiman, Max Henig, David Yanover and Samuel H. Cohen.

Second row: David Dank, M. Osherowitz, Irving Jacobson, Irving Grossman, Moshe Dorf,
Muni Weisenfreund (Paul Muni), Max Friedlander, Sam Gerstenzang and Sam Gertler.

In 1932, when Paul Muni performed in New York's "Counsellor at Law", Max Friedlander received a letter from him, that he wanted to meet with the "boys", i.e. he wanted to meet with his Chicago friends with whom he had performed Yiddish theatre in Chicago. The meeting came about on 8 June 1932 in Moskowitz and Lipowitz's restaurant after the production. Present were: David Yanover, Moshe Dorf, Max Henig, Sam Gershtenzang, Louis Freimman, Max Friedlander, Sam Gertler, Irving Grossman, Samuel H. Cohen, Irving Jacobson, as well as David Dank and the playwright M. Osherowitz.




Seated, from right: Lilian Satz, Ida Green, Shirley Segal (Financial Secretary), Jack Segal (President), Anna Tabak (Vice-President), Sylvia Friedlander, Henrietta Jacobson. Second row, standing: Avraham Rothenstein, Harry Wax (Cashier), Oscar Green, Moshe Tarlowski (Recording Secretary), Mordecai Yachson (Executive Secretary), Charles Litt, Julius Adler, Max Bozyk. Third row, standing: David Dank, Irving Jacobson, Julius Wein (sp), Isaac Lipinsky, Israel Rosenberg, Louis Freiman and Philip Laskowsky.

This meeting considered memories among the "Chicagoans", and a longing that required between them a certain unity, also a future.

Three years later, after Paul Muni's mother's death, her second husband Morris Nestor came back to Los Angeles and strengthened the notion that something needed to be created that would cohere the Chicagoans, and so the idea was born to create a "Mir shikager (We Chicagoans)" club.

On 17 January 1935, the club was founded in the house of the Yiddish Actors' Union, and the first officers who were installed were: Paul Muni -- Honorary President, Hymie Jacobson -- President, Moshe Nestor -- Vice-President, David Dank -- Treasurer, Max Friedlander -- Recording Secretary, and a third committee of Julius Nathanson, Max Henig and Samuel H. Cohen.

The foundation of the club consisted of the following:

  1. Chicago friends, all for one, and one for all.

  2. Once a Chicagoan, always a Chicagoan.

  3. When by no means lack of trust himself as a brother to a brother (?).

  4. To share with the last.

  5. From near or far always be connected through letters, telegrams or telephone.

  6. Assistance should come without investigation The external world should not know.

  7. Everyone should help collect a fund for the organization in order to help same.

  8. For a Chicago friend, may nothing be too difficult.

  9. To the end of the world must a Chicagoan friend be brought, and become a home.

  10. In sorrow and joy, all Chicagoan friends need to come together, as one large family of friendship. Solidarity and brotherhood.

  11. The Chicagoan bond is from today until eternity.

The same shtarkster boyer of the club was Max Henig.

On 13 November 1936 Irving Grossman became President and Samuel H. Cohen was Financial Secretary. The First Executive Board, selected by a secret vote, was Louis Freiman, Jennie Goldstein, Max Bozyk, Michael Michalesko, David Dank and Jack Segal.

When Michalesko first amt is the name of the organization "Mir Chikager" ended in "Yidishe ariz"[?] consisted of Max Henig, John Grossman, Abe Dorf, Jennie Cohen, Sam Gertler and Arthur Winters.

The future presidents were: Max Kletter, Herman Yablokoff, Misha German, Michal Michalesko, Oscar Green, Tistin and friend, Inc. In order to get more people from the profession, not only Chicagoans, the possibility existed to become a member in the organization.

The officers for 1959-1960, who also prepared the twenty-five year anniversary of the organization, were: Jack Segal -- President, Anna Tabak -- Vice-President, Morris Tarlowski -- Recording Secretary, Shirley Segal -- Financial Secretary, Harry Wax -- Treasurer. The Executive Board consisted of: Mordecai Yachson -- Secretary, Julius Adler, Sylvia (Fishman) Friedlander, Ida Green, Irving Jacobson, Philip Laskowsky, Charlie Litt, Itzhak (Isaac) Lipinsky, Israel Rosenberg, Lillie Satz, Julius Wein(?), and as an advisory committee, the former presidents: Max Bozyk, David Dank, Louis Freiman, Jennie Goldstein, and Oscar Green.

Sh. E. from David Dank.

  • N. B. Linder -- Ven aktorn shpiln un zingen nit farn oylem, nor far zikh, "Der tog", N. Y., 4 February 1937.






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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 3, page 2281.

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