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Yiddish Theatre Studio

In 1929 Dr. M. Weichert (after his attempt in 1922-24) opened in Warsaw a Yiddish dramatic teachers institute under the name "Yidishe dramtishe studye (Yiddish Dramatic Studio)" (later "Yidishe teater-studye (Yiddish Theatre Studio)", with the assistance of Sh. Kazhdan, Sh. Kazhdan, Sh. Mendelson and the manager of the "Kulture-lige (Culture League)", Sh. Abramson. After several months of existence, the "studio" began to receive a monthly subsidy from the "Kulture-Lige", and from 1 January 1931 it completely went over to the authority of the "Kulture-Lige".

Accordingly, the studio, "conducts its studies and its work and current students in the spirit of modern Yiddish mass culture, and in the principles of a socialistic world conception, ... it embraces, perhaps, the entire theoretical and practical stage training through systemic learning of all necessary subjects".

In August 1931 there was published a brochure in Yiddish and Polish [40 pp.] with a program.

Taking into consideration the educational status of the student, there was a program taken into the studio (in a minimal amount) of general studies, but only those that had a direct relevance to the theatrical establishment.

Practical theatre studies were taught by Dr. M. Weichert. From the Yiddish theatre world there was Avraham Morevski -- for mimicry, for physical techniques and dance -- Leah Rotbaum, music and singing -- Henekh Kon, Yiddish and Yiddish literature -- Dr. Yitzhak Shiper, history of Germany, France, Russia and other theatres - Zygmunt Tonetski, general studies and Yiddish phonetics and dialects -- Noakh Prilutski, drawing -- Reuben Schwartz, makeup -- Grisha Rothstein, history -- Dr. Rafael Maler, general anatomy, physiology and hygiene -- Dr. Adam Grober, hygiene of the voice organ -- Dr. M. Goldinberg, hygiene of the mouth -- Y. Lifshitz, hygiene of the skin and poor living -- Dr. Y. Milyikovsky, plastic arts -- N. Kozhen, settings and costumes, scenic lights and stage mechanics -- W. Weintraub, psychology -- Rose Simkhovitsh, acoustics -- Sh. Ginzberg.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2,  page 945.

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