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Yung Argentine

On the initiative of Leib Malach, Jacob Botoshansky and N. Tsuker in 1926 founded the amateur society "Yidish bine yung-argentine", which set to the task of staging plays of Argentinean Jewish writers.

After several productions and lectures for their members, the theatre activity opened with the offering of L. Melach's "Di ludmirer moyd". In the production, almost only the workers participated.

The two-act offering was a "reyzenade", arranged for a literature union to honor Avraham Reyzen. The text of the play was put together by Jacob Botoshansky, with songs given by M. D. Niger, director -- Botoshansky and N. Tsuker.

At the end of 1927 Leon Halpern took over the leadership, and the society changed into a dramatic school, which was opened on 2 October 1927. The subjects in the school were: diction, performing arts, recitation, pantomime, plastics, history of literature, singing, gymnastics, dance and theatre technique. The teachers were: Dr. Zhitnitski, Jacob Botoshansky, Dr. Sh. Y. Yuris, Y. Linkovski, Sh. Rozhansky et al.

On 6 June 1928 the first production arrived, and there was staged H. Sackler's "Dem tsadiks nesie (The Saint's Journey), a story in four acts with a prologue and epilogue, according to the consideration and under the direction of Leo Halpern. Settings, masks, costumes  -- Misha Schwartz, Chasidic melodies -- A. Davidi, special compositions -- Miguel Gerberov". The play was performed six times.

With the opportunity of Avraham Morevski to guest-star in Buenos Aires, the society arranged with him for a single production and also his own evening.

On 21 June 1929 there was staged Ernst Toller's "Der iberker, adapted and stage directed -- Leo Halpern, settings by M. Schwartz, music adapted by Y. Fikher". The play was performed three times.

On 24 July 1929 there was arranged a small arts evening with a program of Sholem Aleichem, Der Tunkeler, Avraham Reizen, I. L. Peretz and Manuel Zh. Diana.

The dramatic school was maintained through a charge to the students, through a small group sympathetic and for the benefit of the productions. Due to economic conditions then, the regisseur Leo Halpern withdrew, and Iliya Riss entered as regisseur, who staged on 1 February 1930 Maksim Gorky's "Oyfn opgrunt" (settings -- A. Birnbaum, choral director -- M. Gerberov). The play was performed three times. After arranging several small arts evenings, Riss staged Schiller's  "The Robbers", which was performed only one time.

Due to economic conditions, the activities of the troupe was interrupted for a certain time, and "Yung Argentine" again was reorganized (under the leadership by Shmuel Glazerman) for a studio in a troupe that staged Shmuel Glazerman's "Hershel der derfinder", adapted from Armando Di Stsepile's "Di eybike bavegung" (Spanish).

For the five years of its existence, it had changed the makeup of "Yung Argentine", in which there were active:
Issakhar Varan, Shmuel Zolotnitski, Herman Lester (now a professional actor), Y. Milstein, Chaim Sokolovski, Aaron Pintshuk, Moshe Rekhes, Rukhl Weinstein, Freida London, Rivka London, Shifra Kleinburd, Chana Shichman, Yehoshua Bonopolski, Ethel Koduner, Y. Auerbach, Portnoy, Fradkin and Giltman.

Jacob Mestel who in 1931 had been in Buenos Aires, saw the production of "Hershel der derfinder", described the work of the group as a serious attempt. In the group there were some quite able members who necessarily changed them (?), but in a professional direction.

Sh. E. from Sh. Zolotnitski.

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Adapted from the original Yiddish text found within the  "Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre" by Zalmen Zylbercweig, Volume 2,  page 935.

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