Harry Jordan in Costume

According to the autobiography of renown Yiddish actor/singer/dancer Herman Yablokoff ("Der Payatz"), Harry Jordan performed at the Littman's Peoples Theatre during the theatre's second season, in 1928-29. The season included a play called "The Middle of the Road" and starred Bertha Kalish. This production was beset by a myriad of problems, including the flu. When actor Wolf Shumsky became ill with the flu, David Reitz took over his role, the leading male part, with Harry assuming David's role. However, after one evening and one matinee performance, David too would become seriously ill with the flu and had to be taken to the hospital. Harry Jordan now assumed the main male part for the evening performance; Oscar Ostroff took over Harry's role. Later that day, the one who had first taken over the lead, David Reitz, died. Even with all the changing of the roles, the play was a success....








Harry Jordan
on right,
in vaudeville, date unknown


Harry Jordan,
in tuxedo,
Cleveland, Ohio, late 1920s


Harry Jordan in costume, possibly in Jacob Gordin's "God, Man, and Devil," Cleveland, Ohio,
cir 1920s 



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Daughter Leah remembers her father.






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