David Pinski
29 Sep 1924
New York City


























David Pinski,
Yiddish Playwright

David Pinski was a Yiddish playwright, novelist and editor. Born in Mohilev, Belarus (then part of the Russian Empire), his plays were probably performed in English more often than any other Yiddish dramatist.

Although Pinski was fluent is several languages, he chose to write in Yiddish. According to an article in the Jerusalem Post in 1972, written by Sol Liptzin, "In the course of his 87 years he enriched Yiddish with more than 200 major contributions: plays, novels, short stories, travel sketches, memoirs, essays, poems."

 Many of his plays were published English, as were two of his novels and many of his shorter works. His works were also published in Russian, German, and Hebrew. In addition to the numerous performances in the Yiddish theatre, Pinski's plays were performed in translation.

In this exhibition you may learn more about the personal and professional life of David Pinski.














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