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The Zylbercweigs
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Celia (Silver) Zylbercweig  


  Zalmen Zylbercweig


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filled with world and local news, commentary and song

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The renown singer and actress
Fraydele Oysher

visits the Zylbercweig Studio



Quite often when a celebrity of interest to the Jewish population came to Los Angeles, California, they would make sure that they paid a visit to the Fairfax home of Zalmen and Celia Zylbercweig, who had built a recording studio in the back of their house in order to broadcast their radio program.

In this studio, they would record parts of each broadcast, edit them and splice them together to form either a thirty- or sixty minute program.

The content of these programs varied widely, from interviews to music to comedy to conversation. Each broadcast -- mostly in the Yiddish language -- would be augmented to the daily announcements of the "cultural doings" around Los Angeles, e.g. upcoming performances, meetings, commentaries (from social to rabbinical), and of course the requisite advertisements that were necessary to cover some of the cost of the shows.

In this next radio program, circa May 1964, the Zylbercweigs are visited by famed Yiddish actress and singer, Fraydele Oysher, who was known to sing cantorials as beautifully as she did popular songs.

In this program, the Zylbercweigs play two records featuring Fraydele singing, along with two recordings of her brother, the famed Moyshe Oysher,who here first sings "Halevai" with the Barry Sisters, and then "Vaomer (And God Said)."

In this recording, the Zylbercweigs are also entertained by Fraydele live in their studio, with piano accompaniment as she sang a couple of songs.

At the end is a few minutes of conversation between them.

What a treat!

Enjoy! Listen to it now. Please be patient while the sound downloads.


photo, above: Fraydele Oysher, date unknown.

photo, bottom: Zalmen and Celia Zylbercweig, in studio, on the air.





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