Leon and Celia Zuckerberg

Many of the Yiddish actors who once graced our stages in the heyday of Yiddish theatre often traveled to the countries outside of Europe and the United States to perform, e.g.  those in Central and South America and Cuba.

Those who had once immigrated to these countries, those who were well familiar with the Yiddish language, eagerly awaited each performance.

A number of husband and wife teams toured together as part of acting troupes in this manner.  One such couple who made such tours an important part of their life's work were the talented husband and wife acting team of Leon and Celia  Zuckerberg.

Here you can learn a bit about them, about their roles and the performances in which they acted,  as well as the different theatres around the Americas that they performed in.























Yiddish acting troupe that toured across Central and South America, which included actors
Celia and Leon Zuckerberg,
Havana, Cuba, 1934.














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