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Walk in My Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust

A unique vision of many of the Nazi camps that once stood in Europe, built during the 1930s by order of the Nazi regime, to imprison and ultimately exterminate millions of men, women and children.

The Jewish Ghetto

Never Forget: Visions of the Nazi Camps

Persecution and Flight: The Nazi Campaign Against the Jews

World Holocaust Memorials

ERC Center: Holocaust


"Never Forget" is a multimedia presentation that represents in some small way the history of the Jewish "experience" during the Holocaust in the many camps.

This exhibition must serve as a warning to the world that we must do all we can to ensure that events such as the Holocaust never happen again.

"Never Forget" is also meant to educate via several means. The first means is visual, by presenting photographs of the camps and its inmates. The second is auditory, by hearing testimony of those who were fortunate to survive the Holocaust.

The third is by displaying a good number of postal photographs, of postcards sent from or two many of the camps, not only from those who worked there, but those who were also interred there. These postcards and other postal effects give the exhibition visitor a special look inside the way communication was established between the world inside the camps and those on the outside.

The Museum wishes to thank all those institutions who permitted the use of material from their own websites, especially the Florence and Laurence Spungen Family Foundation, who are the possessors of this intriguing postal collection. To read more about this collection, please click here.

Be sure to visit the Museum's new exhibition on the Jewish ghettos of Europe, which also displays pieces from the Spungen collection.

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                                                     Image above right: The fence at Auschwitz concentration camp.



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